Classification Of Vertical Roller Mill

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Classification Of Vertical Roller Mill

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(1)Tail discharge type: grinding materials are fed from one end of the mill then discharged from the other end.
(2)Middle discharge type: vertical roller mill are fed from the two ends and then discharged from the middle. This kind of mill equals to two ball mills used in parallel, which enables equipment to be more compact and simplifies the process.
(3)Head discharge type: According to discharging methods, it can be pided into numerous types like grate mill, overflow discharging mill, peripheral discharging mill as well as wind discharging mill.

Classification according to transmission
(1)Center drive mill: The motor drives the mill to rotate by driving the hollow shaft of the mill discharging end through the reducer. The shaft extension of the reducer and the centre line of the mill are in the same straight line.
(2)Edge drive mill: The motor drives the mills cylinder to rotate through driving the big gear fixed in the discharge cylinder by the reducer.
6.Other classifications
According to the craft, it can be pided into dry mill, wet mill, intermittent mill and continuous mill as well. Compared with the intermittent mill, the continuous one is of high yield, the current consumption per unit weight of product is low, the mechanization degree is high and the number of the operators is small. However, the investment cost of the infrastructure is big and the operation and maintenance are complicated. At present, the intermittent mill is rarely used but often applied in lab test grinding.

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