the equipment repair and maintenance

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the equipment repair and maintenance

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The completion of the ultrafine mill repair, you must check the slag slag in the slag, to ensure that the sludge slag cleaning and then start the ultrafine mill. After the mill has been overhauled, all gates, such as maintenance personnel, hand hole covers, must be completely closed during the operation of the mill, and the minimum amount of air required for the pulverizer can be ensured to ensure that the pulverized coal From the normal output of the separator, to avoid clogging in the powder pipe.

At the same time, because the metal block, stone, wood and other foreign matter will seriously affect the operation of the mill, and even lead to the disc can not start, damage the separation of components, etc., so the ultrafine mill maintenance also need to clean up the debris The device is carefully checked. Pulverized coal in the grinding machine to complete the work of grinding, the machine will be hot air blown into the boiler for full combustion, and coal combustion in the boiler will produce hot flue gas, these hot flue gas will flow around the boiler around the heat, And then follow-up separation of coal ash.

Thermal power plant with medium-speed pulverizer for pulverized coal pulverized coal powder fineness and grinding efficiency has a very good protection, the fineness of the coal so much easier to burn in the boiler, can improve the use of coal Rate, reduce the possibility of environmental pollution. Regular maintenance of the mill, the grinding efficiency and fine degree of a very good guarantee, then easier, the full combustion of coal in the boiler, but also improve the utilization of coal and reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.

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