the composition of various components

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the composition of various components

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The slag discharged from steelmaking is divided into converter slag, flat slag and electric slag. ultrafine mill is mainly composed of calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium and a small amount of aluminum, manganese, phosphorus and other oxides. Some areas due to ore containing titanium and vanadium, steel slag also contains these ingredients.

ultrafine mill in the composition of various components due to steel-making furnace, steel and steel smelting each phase of the different, there are greater differences. Rather than steel slag is a solid waste, it is better to say that the steel slag is the wrong place of the treasure. ultrafine mill after steel slag grinding machine recycling, the use of a very wide range.

The use of steel slag varies depending on the composition of the steel, for example, in the United States, the United States each year to slag volume of 2/3 as a smelting flux, directly into the blast furnace or adding sinter, in the steel plant recycling. In the composition of steel slag, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese (80% of the total slag) are used in addition to silicon and phosphorus.

And some contain sulfur and phosphorus and other harmful elements of steel slag. This kind of steel slag is widely used in the roadbed of the roadbed, the structure layer, especially for the asphalt mix of aggregate pavement layer. ultrafine mill road construction has many advantages, such as high strength, wear resistance and slip resistance, and low maintenance costs. Western countries with high phosphorus steel slag for fertilizer has a long history.

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