the domestic milling industry development

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the domestic milling industry development

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At present, the domestic milling industry has a higher demand for the fineness and purity of the materials. In order to meet the needs of the market, various enterprises are digging new milling technology in order to be able to take the leading position in the domestic counterparts. Common milling equipment Raymond Mill, ball mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, ground mill, ultrafine mill, in the end what kind of mill is the customer really need it? Here we come to listen to the domestic application of some customers in the field of view.

Shanxi customers: Our company is mainly building materials, such as cement, lime powder, etc., because the level of concrete ratio is different, then the quality of the required aggregate is also different. From the cement material this one, the processing fineness from 200-2500 mesh have, we need the cement aggregate is the finer the better, so we must choose ultrafine air mill. Shanxi mill industry, ultrafine powder technology development is still very good, the manufacturer for customers to consider is also very comprehensive, according to our production line requirements to choose a different milling equipment. I believe that ultrafine mill will be in the broader market access to applications, to play a greater value.

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