a variety of problems from construction waste crusher

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a variety of problems from construction waste crusher

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The way to solve a variety of problems from coal mining to the application will encounter. In the promotion of the development trend of the industry of mechanical science and technology, modern, the field of coal mining equipment constantly updated and improved, with a construction waste crusher automation coal emerge as the times require. This machine is Zenith's engineer according to Huainan a large coal production line restructuring into, has installed 4 control station, 4 sets of video segmentation, 20 monitoring probe device, so that each belt production line is running all by the centralized control system for real-time monitoring, the system is composed of sensors and a programmable logic controller, effectively avoid the artificial operation fault.

And the automatic control of belt conveyor for coal and more accurate, greatly reducing the belt conveyor coal phenomenon, effectively improve the coal processing continuity, safety and product quality. Coal mining determines the coal production, while the coal utilization efficiency, but also from a certain aspect determines the consumption of coal resources. The solution also pointed out that common coal is lignite, bituminous coal, anthracite, semi anthracite and so on several high quality coal, coke products of Shi Zimei as the combustion of coal, the same need specific stone coal conveying system for processing, to solve the coal use Chinese source utilization is not enough phenomenon. At present, many large domestic coal application department, attach importance to the stone coal is not enough, did not achieve the ideal effect of application, the use of automation in coal can be composed of sensors and other equipment easy detection and sorting out of stone coal use belt conveyor for reuse in transportation, separation.

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