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from our taxes it would be fine

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14th Amendment Doesn't Make Illegal Aliens' Children Citizens

Naturalization idea of a foreigner becoming an equal citizen as if by nature directly from America's political principles. laws. With that consent, a person of any ethnic heritage or racial wholesale nfl jerseys background can become, in every sense, an American citizen.

What about those who are born here?

After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment (overturning, in part, Dred Scott v. citizen) clarified the conditions of citizenship: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the States wherein they reside."

Many today assume the second half of the citizenship clause ("subject to the jurisdiction thereof") merely refers to the day to day laws to which we are all subject. But the original understanding referred to political allegiance. immigration reform.]

It was in 1898 (in United States v. Wong Kim Ark) that the Supreme Court expanded the constitutional mandate, holding that the children of legal, permanent residents were automatically citizens. While the decision could be (and is often) read more broadly, the court has never held that the clause confers automatic citizenship on the children of temporary visitors, much less of illegal residents.

The broader reading is a constitutional misreading. soldiers 20 years later in Afghanistan).

But it is the principle of the matter that is most problematic. The broad claim of automatic birthright citizenship traces its roots more to the feudal concept of perpetual allegiance of subjects to kings, rather than equal rights and the consent of the governed. It violates bedrock American principles and undermines the rule of law. It could, for instance, extend birthright citizenship to legal permanent residents (consistent with Wong Kim Ark) but exclude, in the future, the children of illegal or temporary residents.

Nobody is talking about repealing the 14th Amendment, or taking away anyone's citizenship. Nor must we amend the Constitution. But Congress needs to clarify the extent of birthright citizenship. It should do so as part of a clear and meaningful policy concerning immigration, naturalization, and citizenship that is consistent with the core principles and highest ideals of the United States.

Check out a roundup of editorial cartoons on immigration.

See who is donating to your member of Congress.

Liberty of WI:

Those immigrants came here legally and passed through Ellis Island and Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping at a time when we needed a larger labor force. That time has passed so we cannot accept as many immigrants as we once had. The problem is illegal immigration, not immigration itself. If they came here legally, paid taxes, and didn't benefit from our taxes it would be fine. We also did not have programs that these immigrants benefited from that cost the taxpayers money. An estimated $100 billion dollars is how much illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers every year, this is a substantial sum seeing our deficit is high as is.

If they want to come here legally, then congratulations to them. If they want to bypass the law and come here illegally then they should have no rights and no benefits.

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