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This is the hub for fiction taking place in the SCP Universe. Any tales, so long Fake Oakley Sunglasses as they involve some sort of SCP (including ones not on the main list), the Foundation, one of the other organizations, or the larger Foundation universe, are at home here. This also applies to SCP researchers, agents, etc. If you're not sure, ask in the chat.


When placing the story, put it in alphabetically. If it has multiple chapters, nest them inside the main link. If it's just a oneshot, just do it regularly. Also, if the story contains themes of an adult nature, put a warning on the front. Just in case.


Remember, the stuff you write doesn't have to be canon to the rest of the site. There is no canon.


Chapter 1: Waiting on God. Oh! The dreadful tale of 343 and 682


Intermission A long ways in the future


Chapter 2: We're Off To Be The Lizard What happens when you cross 963 and 682


Intermission 2: An Autopsy Not so far into the future


Chapter 4: An Evening With Dr. Bright Dr. Bright explains to a new researcher exactly what he does here.


Chapter Five: Games Reality Benders Play


"Doctor, Doctor, Doctor." A story of the end times.


Story To Be Named Later A story of Azrael Astoroth, Archduke of the Seventh Layer!


SCP 001 is an O5's Tale Brights O5 approval


Mary Sue Who? Our greatest Researcher!


originofclef The, uhm, Origin of Clef?


Ecce Perago Rise of the Administrator!


An Non And his fall


Jack of Diamonds


Jack of Ray Ban 8008 Cheap Clubs


The Tale of 13


The Self insert


12 tales about a factoryTermination Order Decommissioning 531


085: A Romance in 2.5 Dimensions


Incident The further adventures of Agent AA I mean SCP 784 ARC The following timeline is no longer Prime.

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