She said we were too loud,

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She said we were too loud,
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but her complaints very soon turned into harassment. When it got to the worst of it, cheap nfl jerseys she would incessantly pound her ceiling / our floor with a broomstick, and would run out of wholesale nfl jerseysher door whenever I would leave mine and scream at me in the hallway.

One day I cheap jerseys was leaving my apartment, and when I get to the main door downstairs, I see that my neighbour is arriving and is about to enter. At this point I opened the door, and before I could do anything, she rushed in past me, and our shoulders rubbed. She muttered something, and I went on my way.

2 days later, I get a call from the police, saying that there had been an assault accusation made against me. No charges were pressed, but the police would like me to come in and give a statement. At this point I have no idea what is going on, I even forgotten about this incident. When I arrive at the police station, an officer interviews me for about 45 minutes, where I describe every little detail I can remember from 2 days before. Then after I done, he tells me what cheap nfl jerseys the woman had accused me of. She said that I had blocked her from entering through the door, then I grabbed her, slammed her against the wall, then grabbed her by the hair while holding her down and repeatedly banged her face against the wall. After that, I threatened to kill her, before leaving her and going on my way.

It was pretty terrifying that someone could just say that about me, especially since I was in the process of applying for permanent residence in the country I live in now, wholesale jerseys and an assault charge could fucked everything royally.

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