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August 21, 2014

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Readers take nostalgic look
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Readers take nostalgic look back at their 'first loves' Features News Authentic Tre Boston Jersey From Terre Haute

Brilliant sunshine beams down on Danny Weir and his love in that photograph from the summer of

He 18, looking country cool in rolled up sleeves, jeans, loafers and a straw hat with the southern Indiana countryside stretched out in the background. Weir companion in the picture gleams, sublime. It his 1952 Oldsmobile Super 88 convertible. Under its hood sat a 303.6 cubic inch engine with a four barrel carb and 160 horsepower. NASCAR racers won big in the driving similar models. Whitney catalog for $50.

As the Tre Boston Kids Jersey photo shows, Weir and his Oldsmobile made a sharp pair.

This wasn just an eye catching vehicle, though. This was his first car. With help from his mom, he bought it in 1960 as a 15 year old from an ad in the Terre Haute Tribune. He drove it in his driver license test, through high school and on his first date with his future wife (they now been married 49 years). Weir was behind its wheel when he heard the news of President Kennedy assassination crackle from its Deluxe push button radio.

always loved that car, and I always felt like it was a little special, said Weir, now 68 and living in Hymera.

In April 1964, he was and its transmission went out. Weir kept the Olds 88 in storage, carefully, in various locations for, yes, 45 years. He hoped to restore it, but kids, college and life happened. After retiring from Eli Lilly, Weir decided to sell the car to someone committed to refurbishing it. A classic car buff and factory owner from Tennessee did exactly that, and last year, its shining image appeared on the cover of the with Olds collector magazine. It won a Best in Show award.

The knowledge that his first car remains on the road pleases Weir.

A couple respondents to Your First Car still drive their breakthrough vehicle. Jerry Kinney grew up in Terre Haute and now lives in Lebanon, Ind., accompanied by his 1967 Chevelle SS now 50 times more than I paid for it back then. Several other folks lamented of their first cars: wish I still had it, even though it was tank, had to be push started on a hill, or burned up seven different transmissions.

Next Sunday, May 18, the Wabash Valley Rodders will welcome cars of all makes, shapes, sizes and vintage for the club 13th annual Rod Machine Roundup at Terre Haute riverside Fairbanks Park. They range from stock to muscle cars, Corvettes, rods and even brand new 2014s, explained Rodders club member Charles Pender. In good weather, more than a hundred drivers will park their classic and current vehicles, pop the hood, and enjoy a day filled with awards judging, story swapping, music by a DJ, and lots of and ahhs.

For many, Pender said, the inspiration to revive an antique set of wheels stems Trai Turner Womens Jersey from their own first car memories.

they get later on in life, they go back and try Trai Turner Youth Jersey to get a car like their first car, Pender said.

Pender is restoring a 1963 Chevy Impala SS, almost identical to his first car, the original purchased with his mom financial assistance from a Chevrolet dealership in downtown Terre Haute. Pender needed a car to get back and forth to classes at Indiana State University. His Impala walking.

To re create it, Pender bought a similar Impala SS on eBay from a guy in Muncie almost two years ago. Pender original bore a burgundy red paint job with a white vinyl top; his eBay find was silver with a black vinyl top. No matter. He stripped this car down to the chassis in his southern Vigo County garage, gradually repairing rusted metal, aging joints and weathered seals.

Pender knows what he doing. The 66 year old retired Terre Haute federal prison employee has already restored a sweet, rare, silver blue 1965 Corvair Corsa blending its look with a Corsa, which was his second car and a 1940 Chevy. The Impala SS will likely take another year to complete.

thankful I was able to find it, Pender said, standing beside a platform holding the Impala 327 cubic inch V8 motor. got other cars, but this one will be my favorite, because it like my first car.

Of course, not all cars are classics or cultural icons. lot of times, it may not be the greatest thing in the world. It could be just four tires and a seat, Pender said, it was yours.

The bond transcends cubic inches, wheel rims and white wall tires.

just a lot of memories, not just with the car, but the fun you had with it, the fond memories, the dates, Pender said. first car, your first love it almost like the same thing.

The attachment is the subject of academic studies. Janelle Wilson, a sociology professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth with expertise in nostalgia, had her students gather stories from former owners of the iconic car the Volkswagen Beetle. Lots of their memories involved breakdowns, getting stranded on a roadside, backing up hills (because Beetle engines were in the car rear end) and heaters failing. Yet, their recollections were fond and linked to the newfound freedom the quirky car provided, Wilson reported.

In 2012, the Subaru corporation devised an animated online platform that allowed users to Your First Car by plugging in its model, color and condition. It was part of a promotion for Subaru then new Imprezza. The first car stories gave the campaign an emotional hook. loved their first car, no matter how bad, beat up or borrowed, the company statement read. first car became a new chapter in life or a ticket to freedom and first car stories are often the most memorable we have.

Indeed, some were hand me downs. Trib Star reader Tom Sappington, a former Terre Haute resident now living in Ohio, got his 2 door, olive green Chevy Impala from his dad. He drove it for two years before being handed down next Impala.

Some were beat up. Former Terre Hautean Jim Clayton, now living in LaHarpe, Ill., kept a friend old jacket in his 1968 AMC Javelin to smother flames shooting from the carburetor, which chronically caught fire at stoplights.

And some were brand new. Lynette (Wible) Inbody rode from her home in Sullivan to a dealership in Franklin with two friends. She was 19 years old, with a job in Terre Haute, but no driver license yet. She trekked to Franklin because her brother in law had purchased a Ford Fairlane there, and thought she would get a deal.

Inbody picked out a mint green 1963 Ford Falcon with a transmission, a padded dashboard and visors and all vinyl trim. The pricetag: $2,555. She financed it for three years with monthly payments of $62.66. thought, at that age, I was smart enough to know what I wanted to do, Inbody recalled this month. Nonetheless, she had to wait six months to pass her driver test, before she could motor in it alone. Once she got licensed, she could fill up its gasoline tank for $4.

Inbody still has the buyer order and the car window sticker.

She drove the Falcon for five years. then I bought the car I really liked, she said. Mustang. It, too, is just a memory now. But a good one.

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Officer Jason Ellis
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Officer Kony Ealy Jersey Jason Authentic Kelvin Benjamin Jersey Ellis

Ofc. There are Kony Ealy Youth Jersey still no concreteMore >>On Wednesday, fellow officers, friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers stopped by fallen officer Jason Ellis visitation to pay their respects, as a Nelson County dispatcher is preparing to honor his friend. More >>Candlelight vigil held for murdered police officerCandlelight vigil held for murdered police officerUpdated: Wednesday, June 12 2013 1:13 PM EDT2013 06 12 17:13:27 GMTBARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) The family of Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis attended a candlelight vigil Monday outside the police department where he served. At the police department, people continue to stop by and add flowersMore >>"We going to get them," said Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin on Monday in reference to the person or persons who killed Officer Jason Ellis early Saturday morning off the Bluegrass Parkway in Nelson County.More >>Nelson Co. gripped in fear after officer's killingNelson Co. gripped in fear after officer's killingUpdated: Wednesday, June 12 2013 1:11 PM EDT2013 06 12 17:11:57 GMTBARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) Kentucky State Police have determined that the murder of Officer Jason Ellis was premeditated. Trooper Norman Chaffins says "Someone planned this. Someone planned to shoot somebodyMore >>Kentucky State Police Spokesperson Norman Chaffins said no one knows whether Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis, police in general or anyone taking exit 34 off the Bluegrass Parkway was targeted in Saturday morning ambush shooting.More >>Officer Jason Ellis mourned by 'brothers'Officer Jason Ellis mourned by 'brothers'Updated: Wednesday, June 12 2013 1:11 PM EDT2013 06 12 17:11:10 GMTBARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) The brutal murder of Officer Jason Ellis has hit the communities of Bardstown and Chaplin hard. Ellis worked in Bardstown. He lived in Chaplin with his wife and two children. Louisville businessman Gus GoldsmithMore >>Bardstown police officer shot and killedBardstown police officer shot and killedUpdated: Wednesday, June 12 2013 1:06 PM EDT2013 06 12 17:06:42 GMTKentucky state police tell us a Bardstown police officer has been shot and killed. According Kelvin Benjamin Kids Jersey to Trooper Norman Chaffins the officer was in his cruiser on the Bluegrass Parkway at exit 34 when he was shotMore >>

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Marvin Vance Stratton
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Marvin Vance Stratton

1919 Ross Cockrell Jersey 2014

Marvin Vance Stratton died at the age of 94, on May 6, 2014 in Orem, Utah. He has left behind a legacy of faithfulness to his God and to his family. He was born December 14, 1919, in Provo, Utah, to James George Stratton and Nina Vance Snow, and he was raised in Orem. He worked hard in many different capacities throughout his life. After his marriage to Nanalee Johnson on June 21, 1943 in Salt Lake City, the two of them worked in the fruit farming business. A few years later, Marvin went to California and worked as a professional scouter. Shortly thereafter he returned to Orem and farming, but later decided to sell his land and he turned to the insurance business. He then worked as an agent for Farmer Insurance until his retirement in 1974.

After his retirement, Marvin enjoyed spending time with his family, traveling, and serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He served three missions with his wife, Nanalee. The first mission was to the Arizona Holbrook Mission, where he unfailingly repaired and hauled around trailers for the young elders to live in. The second mission was to Gila, New Mexico, where they provided assistance to a church branch. The third mission was in Port Richey, Florida, where they again worked in a branch. They also served locally at the MTC.

He was much loved and respected by his family and others who had the Ross Cockrell Womens Jersey opportunity to come in contact with him. He loved people and had a ready smile for others. He loved to have his family around him. He funded family reunions for many years. The grandkids remember him as the tickle monster who always had a treat for them in his pocket. His kids remember him as the Hand and Foot champion. We all remember him as a dad and grandpa who loved us and loves us still.

Marvin is survived by his wife, Nanalee Johnson Stratton, and his children, Barry Johnson Stratton, Paul Marvin Stratton, Ronald August Stratton, Alan James Stratton, Nanalee Jean Stratton Leavitt, Becky Stratton Schlappi, and Shelly Stratton Gilbert. He has 33 grandchildren and 53 great grandchildren. Preston Brown Jersey He is also survived by two brothers, Vern Stratton and Herbert Stratton, and two sisters, Emma Stratton Houghton and Dorothy Stratton Fielding. He is preceded in death by his siblings, James George Stratton, Franklin K. Stratton, and Nina Stratton Clegg. prior to services. Interment will be in the Orem City Cemetery. at the Palmyra Stake Center Chapel, 505 East 900 North, Spanish Fork. at Walker Funeral Home, 187 S. prior to services. Interment will be in the Spanish Fork City Cemetery.

Roxanna Moore Fernelius of Payson, Utah passed away on July 22, 2014 in Ogden, Utah. in the Mountain View 5th Ward Chapel, 789 Arrowhead Trail in Payson. at Walker Funeral Home, 587 Preston Brown Kids Jersey South 100 West in Payson. Interment will be in the Uintah City Cemetery.

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JCPS worker charged
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JCPS worker charged after bus Cyrus Kouandjio Jersey injury costs student her teeth

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) A Frost Middle School staff member has already served an unpaid suspension after a student was injured aboard a bus he drove. Now, he is facing a criminal charge for it.Babbage arrest warrant, charging him with fourth degree assault, alleges he "deliberately braked the bus Sammy Watkins Jersey sharply" on a trip October 21, 2013 causing most of the students onboard to fall forward in their seats and one girl to strike the elbow of the student in front of her."Her mouth began to bleed and swell," the report states. Two days later, a dentist discovered the girl two front teeth had been fractured, so badly, the warrant alleges, that both teeth had to be pulled and the girl will have to wear temporary bridgework until she reaches maturity."I think he needs to be punished," said Anna Spears, mother of another seventh grader at Frost. "I really think he needs to be punished, if it was intentional.""They substantiated that Mr. Babbage intentionally slammed the brake," said Ben Jackey, a spokesperson for Jefferson County Public Schools.Frost acting principal and other investigators reached that conclusion after interviewing Babbage, the girl and other students aboard the bus, Jackey continued.The girl told investigators she was so frustrated that Babbage was applying the brakes, "multiple times" that she rose from her seat and walked to the Cyrus Kouandjio Youth Jersey front of the bus to beg him to stop, but Babbage told her every student ought to be sitting down and slammed on the brakes as she returned to her seat.Her injury occurred, the girl claimed, Sammy Watkins Womens Jersey when Babbage pumped the brakes again as it was nearing her stop.Babbage admitted tapping the brakes once, investigators found. But he claims he did so only to warn students that he might have to stop frequently and suddenly. He denied tapping the brakes repeatedly and maintained that six students who had claimed otherwise, weren there to see it."He has been disciplined and the investigation is complete as far as JCPS is concerned," Jackey said.Babbage stayed home the first 10 school days of 2014, suspended without pay.He remains on a 90 day probation and is no longer permitted to drive buses."The question you asking is, should he have been fired and the answer is that not the role that the principal took," Jackey said. " The girl family has presented JCPS insurance company with her dental bills," he added.But Spears believes Babbage penalty sends the wrong message."License needs to be suspended," Spears said. "Because those are children on that bus, and to be hurt on the bus, it really needs to be taken care of."WAVE 3 News has been unable to reach Babbage, the student or her mother for comment.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Couple arrested for having sex on public beach in broad daylightCouple arrested for having sex on public beach in broad daylightBRADENTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) People are outraged after a Florida couple was caught having sex on a public beach Sunday afternoon in front of dozens of people including children. Bradenton Beach policeMore >>Are Louisville food trucks making the grade?Are Louisville food trucks making the grade?Updated: Wednesday, July 23 2014 11:06 PM EDT2014 07 24 03:06:24 GMT

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Good Bench Press For
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Good Bench Press Tavon Rooks Jersey For A High School Ronald Powell Kids Jersey Quarterback Ronald Powell Youth Jersey Video

Hi, I'm Ilen Bell, and we're going to discuss a good bench press exercise for a high school quarterback. As an athlete, strength is definitely important. A lot of people focus on upper body strength as athletes when they should be focusing on maintaining function. One of the things that a lot of high school quarterbacks and high school athletes in general do is a lot of flat bench exercises but as a high school quarterback you may want to rethink using the flat bench exercise as a primary method of strengthening your chest because the flat bench exercise can damage your rotator cuff. So instead of using a flat bench press try using a decline bench press movement instead, particularly try using the dumbbell decline bench press to make sure that you can still strengthen your chest and have optimal flexibility and mobility in your joints. So using a good Tavon Rooks Kids Jersey decline bench press, pick a weight that you can do about eight to twelve reps with. Using a spotter, lower the weight down to the nipple line of your chest and at this point push the weight back up to the top and if you are a high school quarterback, try exchanging the flat bench press for a decline bench press. You'll be glad you did. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

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Paperless public libraries
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Paperless public libraries switch to digital

The phrase "bookless libraries" arrives with a dull, oxymoronic thud, enough to get the blood of any bibliophile boiling.

It the sort of thud made in the 1980s by doomed reports promising a "paperless office". Anyone who remembers that much mocked slogan might well shrug off this latest idea as overheated punditry.

Or perhaps they should think again, as the world first completely paperless public library is scheduled to open this summer in Bexar County, Texas, in the United States.

Bexar County so called BiblioTech is a low cost project with big ambitions. Its first branch will be in a relatively poor district on the city of San Antonio South Side.

It will have 100 e readers on loan, and dozens of screens where the public will be able to browse, study, and learn digital skills. However it likely most users will access BiblioTech initial holding of 10,000 digital titles from the comfort of their homes, way out in the Texas hinterland.

It will be a truly bookless library although that is not a phrase much to the liking of BiblioTech project co ordinator, Laura Cole. She prefers the description "digital library" after all, there will be books there, but in digital form.

'Not even a bookstore.'

"For us this was just an obvious solution to a growing problem," she says.

That problem was "explosive" population growth around San Antonio, in suburbs and wholesale jerseys satellite towns way outside the city limits.

The BiblioTech library in San Antonio, Texas, will offer 10,000 digital titles

"We had to look to how we provide services to these unincorporated areas," she said.

"While the city does a beautiful job in providing public libraries, these can only easily be used by people living there".

San Antonio book rich public libraries will be unaffected by the project.

Bexar County, by contrast, never had a public library service. "I think we at an advantage there," Ms Cole said. "They never had a library with books there not even a bookstore here."

This sets it apart from earlier bookless library experiments at Newport Beach, California, and Tucson, Arizona which both reverted to offering real as well as e books, by public demand.

As well as offering digital books to 1.7m people, the $1.5m BiblioTech project has a big community education remit. It will partner with local schools and run digital literacy courses and will stay open late into the evenings.

The iLibrary

The project instigator, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, sees it as a pilot for a county wide scheme. Other sources of funding will be sought to build up the services.

But the project has also gained impetus from the success of the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) bookless engineering school library which opened three years ago, the first paperless academic library. UTSA director of libraries Dr Krisellen Maloney has worked with the BiblioTech team and sits on its advisory board.

Outside Texas, bookless libraries have also made most ground in the academic sector, with the swiftest change in science, maths and engineering libraries.

The first such facility in the UK is likely to be at Imperial College, London, which last year announced that over 98% of its journal collections were digital, and that it had stopped buying print textbooks.

Even so, it was still paying around 4m per year in subscriptions to publishers, even after concerted efforts to negotiate better digital deals for cheap nfl jerseys universities.

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