Who am I?

Hello I am Colfer. I like golf that is why my friends coined me as "Colfer the Golfer". It seems so funny to my friends that whenever we meet every friday night, they would immediately laugh. For sure they are thinking of "Colfer the Golfer"

I am working in a market research firm but when I am not busy with my work, I might be in a community school tutoring students on how to makes research papers or studies. I help them with the mathematical statistics part. I also enjoy reading books and listening to ballad songs.

Best of all, cooking is my thing. My wife is my best taster because she prefer tasting than cooking. I like cooking Asian food because my wife is Asian and also because I like the variety of tastes that I can get from these delicacies. Based on
research papers, Asia has the most number of spices in the world.

Brief description

Asian food is my specialty


Baking, Books, Cooking, Golf, Movies and Music., Writing


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