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August 18, 2014

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What Could Go Wrong With AT Takeover Of DirecTV 5

Stocks discussed on the in depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Authentic Devonta Freeman Jersey Money TV Program, Monday May 19.

What Could Go Wrong with the AT (T), DirecTV (DTV) DealAT (T) is buying DirecTV (DTV), but it is possible DTV could lose the NFL package to another network. Many customers will be less excited by DTV and the deal with AT if DTV no longer has the NFL. DTV has significant exposure to Latin America, but Cramer thinks the region is a difficult place for North American companies to do business. Cramer thinks DTV CEO Mike White is anxious to sell the company because of its problems; "You should sell DTV too," advised Cramer. Other stocks mentioned: Insys Therapeutics (INSY), Ensco (ESV), Transocean (RIG)On Monday, the Dow rose 20 points and the Nasdaq climbed .86%. The momentum stocks seemed to have bottomed. Lower prices going into the session, takeover chatter, the charts, lack of new IPOs, little insider selling and investors' fear of being short the market led to an uptick for the averages. Yelp (YELP) is one stock that is on sale, after it has fallen from $101 to the mid 50s, and has decent fundamentals. Cramer thinks Yelp might be a great takeover for a company like Yahoo (YHOO) after it spins off Alibaba.

Tableau Software (DATA) is also the subject of takeover chatter. This didn't make sense when it was at $102, but at $52, it sounds more credible. Concur Technologies (CNQR) reported remarkable sales numbers and rules the enterprise travel software space. Cramer thinks Concur is a natural takeover target for Oracle (ORCL). Concur traded as high as $130 but is down in the 80s. It may still be overvalued, but Cramer doesn't think this matters to a potential acquirer. CRM is still expensive and offers no dividend or buybacks, but it could provide a significant discount to potential buyers, since it has fallen so dramatically.

The lack of new IPOs is a good thing, because the plethora of deals created an oversupply. Established cloud plays are not being sold off the way they were earlier in the year. Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOG), (GOOGL) saw an uptick, and even Twitter (TWTR) stabilized after its lock up expiration fiasco. Cramer would wait to see what happens when Salesforce reports on Tuesday; a good report could mean upside for momentum stocks. Cramer would not double down ahead of CRM's quarter, though.

Cramer took some calls:

Insys Therapeutics (INSY) is worth holding on to because of increased insider buying. http://www.patriotsofficialauthentic.com/authentic-james-white-jersey.html

Transocean (RIG): "These stocks are so low already, and I'm tired of it," Cramer said. Cramer's charitable trust bought Ensco (ESV), which was recently downgraded. He prefers ESV to RIG because the latter has older drilling platforms than ESV. Penney (JCP) and Rite Aid (RAD). Penney (JCP) and Rite Aid (RAD) have been terrific turnarounds. Retail is the most difficult sector to effect a comeback, because the vicious cycle can be hard to break. This was true in the case of JCP. CEO Ron Johnson in 2011 was a man with a plan, but not a good one. He alienated JCP's core customer base by doing away with promotions, and people left the stores. JCP saw "hideous" declines in same store sales, and JCP lost two thirds of its value. Johnson was fired by the Board of Directors, which brought back former CEO Mike Ullman. Recently, JCP reported a 6.5% increase in same store sales. JCP has risen, but it has more room to run. Ullman raised cash, restocked the stores with private label brands that are higher margin and offered the kind of deals that JCP customers crave. Ullman is reviving home furnishings, which were historically 20% of JCP sales, but under Johnson, dropped to 12%. Ullman brought back the commission based compensation. Cramer thinks JCP has more upside.

Rite Aid is not really a turnaround story, because it seems to have arrived already. Eighteen months ago, the company was trading around $1, but now is at $7.80. Same store sales increased recently by 5%, and this is significant, given competition. The stock has risen 132% since Cramer got behind it in August 2013. CEO John Standley has refurbished the stores and established Wellness Centers. RAD has more upside, since it has more stores to remodel. The stock has rallied significantly, while JCP has only just begun.

Cramer took some calls:

magicJack (CALL) is a controversial stock. Cramer wants to talk to the CEO before he opines on it.

AIG (AIG) is not a sell, but a James White Jersey buy.

Is Hillshire Brands (HSH) A Buy? Other stocks mentioned: Pinnacle Foods (PF), B Foods (BGS), WhiteWave (WWAV), Dean Foods (DF)Hillshire Brands (HSH) is poised to buy Pinnacle Foods (PF) at an 18% premium, and this is a huge win for those who hold PF. However, HSH's stock declined after the deal was announced. Wells Fargo upgraded HSH and JPMorgan downgraded it. HSH has risen 30% since it was spun off by Sara Lee in June of 2012. The company has rolled out popular new brands. Is it still worth owning after the PF deal?

PF has exposure to frozen food, syrups, pickles, cake mix items that are in the center of the supermarket. HSH can now capture more space in the supermarket aisles in the highly competitive food industry. Wells Fargo thinks HSH could rise 15%.

JPMorgan thinks the PF takeover could put stress on HSH's balance sheet. The analyst once liked HSH because it could have been a takeover target, but after this deal, the Devonta Freeman Jersey analyst thinks it will be too large. In addition, the type of foods HSH is getting exposure to in the deal are not high growth categories.

Cramer thinks the bearish analyst at JPMorgan "may be overstating the case." He thinks HSH could still be taken over, that HSH has abundant cash. While Cramer likes HSH's deal with PF, "there are better deals out there." Cramer would look for other possible takeover targets, like B Foods (BGS). The stock has declined, but has 16% revenue growth and yields 2.4%. WhiteWave (WWAV) might be bought by a larger company. The stock rose 79% since it was spun off by Dean Foods (DF) about 18 months ago, and might be a takeover idea for a company that wants more exposure to healthy products. shales. CRZO sold off its non core assets and beat earnings by 7 cents with a 27% yoy rise in revenues and 48% production growth. The stock has gained 54% since Cramer got behind it in September 2013. The stock trades at a multiple of only 14, which is cheap, given the huge production growth. CEO Chip Johnson says the company has drilled one of the best wells in the Utica shale. Start your FREE 14 day trial now!

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Jersey say is a good GPA
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What would you Donte Moncrief Womens Jersey say is a good GPA

If you want to do anything real special with your life you should get at least a 4.0 with various Extracurricular activities (quality not quantity). If your intrests are in a state college and you are fine with a "normal" life, then a 3.5 with extracurricular activities might get you there. If you want to go to some community college, show up to all your classes at least three times a week. That should be enough. This is strictly GPA wise. If you are a NFL bound star, then a 3.0 will be enough to get you into some pretty nice schools. And then of course there are the Ivy League exceptions (meaning they dont necessarily have a 5.89) who have invented some cure for cancer or written a world famous book series and gotten into their college of choice.

I think this question is probably more directed towards a college GPA. Achieving over a 4.0 in High School isn hard at all, due to all the cheating / lack of teachers who care to challenge their students / teachers who take it easy on their students do to all the that are going around.

In College, i would consider a 2.5 to be a decent GPA. At my university, the grading scale goes like this:

4.0 = A http://www.officialcoltsnflauthentic.com/authentic-andrew-jackson-jersey.html

3.67 = A

3.33 = B+

3.0 = B Andrew Jackson Womens Jersey

2.67 = B

2.33 = C+

But a GPA can only say so much regarding www.officialcoltsnflauthentic.com/authentic-donte-moncrief-jersey.html your level of intelligence, there are so many factors to consider. Such as the classes you take, the location you are taking them, the professor skill of teaching / requirements.

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Why C.J. Mosley Youth Jersey You've Never Heard Of The Greatest Sport Ever Invented

There's a lot of whining among sport fans about how out of date or uncomfortable their team's stadium is. These days, it seems like about five years after construction, you start to hear complaints about, "the jumbotron isn't big enough for me to see the replay!" and "Why isn't there a retractable roof in case it rains?" and "Why can't I take the elevator to my seat level?" Well, sorry, pampered NFL fan, but back in the day before your $1 billion stadiums, fans used to gather and sit on jagged concrete and love every minute of it.

While you wear some goofy poncho straight out of Forbidden Planet because you're afraid of the rain, fans in Chichen Itza would sit so close to the action that they'd get splattered with cerebral fluid during post game celebrations. Not that these people were mindless savages they took their ball game seriously and made sure the facilities made for the perfect, bloody viewing experience. Apparently these guys were so spot on when it came to building stadiums that they could map out the acoustics to the point that rulers could hear one another speak from all the way across the field, simply by mapping out the directions the sound waves would bounce.

"Enough science for one day. http://www.ravensauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-cj-mosley-jersey.html Let's go murder each other with rubber balls."

That's right: When Aztecs weren't busy making a fruit smoothie out of their first born, they took the time to study the mathematics of acoustics in architecture. That way, when the game was going on, rulers could sit in their seats on opposing ends and shit talk each other. No tacky bullshit over the PA, or dorky Looney Tunes sound bites just raw hot, throbbing vein mathematics.

As for the uniforms, they were of course fantastic. Just fucking look at them:

Costumes like this http://www.ravensauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-crockett-gillmore-jersey.html might actually get Americans to sit down for a soccer game.

A loin cloth with some war markings on it. A cup? Nope, didn't have any of that nonsense back then. Players went in crushing that 10 pound ball with their nuts swinging like a pendulum. Doesn't this just beat the shit out of any modern sports uniform? For comparison, here's one that features a dinosaur dribbling a ball:

Canadians know as much about paleontology as they do about basketball.

1. Rulers Played Alongside Gladiators

Modern presidents are usually lucky when they can throw out the ceremonial first pitch of a baseball game without one hopping the ball to home plate. So imagine if, as part of the tradition of the Super Bowl, the president had to play middle linebacker.

"I can use Marine One for field goals, right?"

Then Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is hauled out of prison and given a spot on the opposing team.

Well the Mesoamericans did exactly that, only with cooler uniforms, slightly more death and, of course, a ball that could crush your nuts (we really can't emphasize that point enough). Ruling elites and prisoners of war on the same field. Little is known about exactly how that worked out rules wise, though one can imagine the severity of the situation when considering that whole death if you lose thing.

If international relations worked the same way today, Putin would control the world in about four ravensauthenticofficialonline.com/authentic-crockett-gillmore-jersey.html games.

Put it all together, and the Mesoamerican ballgame created perhaps the most exciting, unbelievable sports battle mankind has ever seen. A marathon game of life and death and scrotum crushing that would not only decide the outcome of a war, but would pit royalty against one another in a nonstop display of athletics and primal manliness. For sports, it has been downhill ever since.

Thankfully, the game's legacy lives on in hundreds of (sterile) reenactors today.

For more sports you need to be certifiable to play, check out The 10 Most Insane "Sports" in the World. Or find out why else our ancestors were more badass than us in 6 Amazingly High Tech Ancient Weapons.

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Crossfit a good program
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Should http://www.49ersofficialnflauthentic.com/authentic-bruce-ellington-jersey.html I join www.49ersofficialnflauthentic.com/authentic-chris-borland-jersey.htmlthe movement

"Is Crossfit a good program?" "Should I join a "Crossfit gym?" Many of you have watched your neighbor, you know the one that was always a little out of shape, but in 6months of "Crossfit" has completely changed his or her physique. For those of you not familiar with Crossfit it is simply cross training, the concept of integrating resistance training with cardiovascular and muscular endurance training. What one should initially understand is Cross training is not a new concept. In fact it has been around since the earliest days of fitness training. "Crossfit" has just simply coined the name and done a brilliant job of marketing their brand. There is nothing new or revolutionary about Crossfit itself. just the name. Now that we understand what cross training is we can fully understand the question and reality of the training. Cross training should absolutely, without question be built into whatever training program your coach has developed for you. If cross training is not a part of your program, your program is not complete. This would also be true if your program does not include any other essential element of training, such as: Powerlifting, Stability/Flexibility, Functional, Cardiovascular endurance, Muscular endurance, agility, and speed. Cross training is just another element that must be present for success. Here is the problem with "Crossfit". It is awesome training. It will get you ripped and powerful and have tremendous results. However if all you ever do is "Crossfit" you will be injured seriously. It is not a matter of if, rather when. The human body is not designed to train at that level with such tremendous amounts of violent impact and extreme loads placed on it for indefinite, extended durations. In other words you CANNOT cross train year round The reality is that this is true for every discipline of training. One cannot only powerlift, or just be a runner, or only take yoga classes. If you limit yourself to only one discipline you will overtrain in that specific area which will lead to overuse of specific progressions www.49ersofficialnflauthentic.com/authentic-bruce-ellington-jersey.html and patterns which will lead to injury and ultimately failure. If your question is "should I cross train?" The answer is absolutely YES You need to integrate cross training into your program just like every other discipline but you must take time off, move to a new program for an extended period of time allow your body to repair and develop strengths in other areas, then you can return to your cross training program. "Crossfit" has single handedly lead to more injuries and misconceptions about proper, safe and effective training than any other program I have ever encountered. Condoleeza Rice, NBC correspodant and former first daughter, Jenna Bush. and Foreign Dignitaries. He has worked with a Professional athletes from a number of leagues and organizations, including the NFL and MLB. Thomas currently serves on the advisory board for fitness magazine.

Thomas Served in The United States Marine Corps for eight years as a Martial Arts instructor, trainer, fitness specialist, and raced for the 3rd force recon cycling team. He brings over 20 years experience in the Health and fitness field. Thomas is renowned for his conditioning programs and has been recognized both nationally and internationally. He is a competitive tri athlete and adventure race enthusiast. Thomas holds the tremendous honor of guest apperances at global fundraisers as well a speaking at events and seminars across the country on developing and implementing the most sucessful and cutting edge training systems and programs.2009 ASFA American Sport and Fitness Association Kettlebell Instructor Sport Specific TrainerFeatured on numerous TV organizationsFeatured in numerous Chris Borland Womens Jersey PublicationsFamily co dependency: the difference between supporting and rescuing a loved one.

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6 Movies That Predicted Disasters With Eerie Accuracy

Do you remember how, after 9/11, people started digging up all sorts of movies, shows and photos that "predicted" the attacks (like the TV show that featured an almost identical terror plot a year ahead of time)? If you're one of the creators, you have to hate that your lighthearted bit of entertainment now just winds up reminding people of something awful that happened years later.

Especially when websites like this one keep bringing them up. We can't help it; this stuff is freaking creepy .

Famous crazy eyed screamer Bruce Lee starred in an action movie in 1978 called Game of Death, which wouldn't have been strange if Lee hadn't died five years earlier. The film was only partially shot when he died, so the filmmakers did their best to patch together what footage they already had into some semblance of a movie, even awkwardly shoehorning in footage of Bruce Lee's open casket funeral. And that, incredibly, is not the weirdest thing about this movie.

The weirdest thing is when he sits up and roundhouses the funeral director.

No, the most unnerving aspect isn't the shot of Lee's real corpse, or the two other Chinese actors they hired to fill in for Lee in the hopes that Western audiences would be too racist to notice the difference. It's this:

In the movie, Bruce Lee is playing an actor shooting a movie. There is a scene where a stunt goes wrong when a prop gun turns out to be loaded with a real bullet, shooting Lee's character.

What's so disturbing about that? Flash forward to 1993, when Bruce Lee's son, Brandon, was shooting The Crow. During a take when another actor is supposed to fire a gun at Brandon Lee, a bullet fragment that was jammed in the barrel dislodged and caught Kevin Pierre-Louis Jersey Brandon right in the gut. In other words, Brandon Lee died under exactly the same circumstances as Bruce Lee's character in the movie.

And not in a vat of toxic chemicals, as his face seems Kevin Norwood Jersey to suggest.

Now, there aren't many movies that feature a character getting shot on a film set by a prop gun loaded with real bullets, so the fact that Brandon Lee's father essentially played out his son's death 20 years before it happened, while working on the movie where he would die himself, is a coincidence so uncanny it that strays into "impossible" territory.

Conspiracy theorists have speculated on every aspect of this bizarre scenario, of which a family curse is the most rational, if that gives you any context for how out there they are (they quickly stray into Illuminati murders and ritualistic sacrifice). People prefer to believe in that than that simple bad luck could be this cruel.

Because somehow an Seahawks Justin Britt Jersey uncaring universe is more disturbing than an actively malevolent one.

5. Poltergeist Predicts the Exact Date of Its Star's Death

If you haven't seen Poltergeist, all you really need to know is that a family has to deal with angry ghosts after moving into a house built on top of an Indian burial ground. There are a lot of tense scenes where objects start moving on their own, a tree attacks a child and a little girl is sucked into one of those closet portals Realtors are always telling you to look out for before buying a house. But the creepiest moment is purely accidental:

That moment is nflseahawksofficialonline.com/Kevin_Norwood_Jersey_Seahawks terrifying, not just because the clown comes to life immediately afterward (thus inciting a boom in superheroes appearing at birthday parties instead of clowns that lasted for an entire generation), but because of the football poster over the little boy's bed. Here's a closer look:

Wait, is that a Rams helmet and a Buccaneers poster? He supports two terrible teams?

It says "1988 Super Bowl XXII." The poster is accurate in that Super Bowl XXII was in 1988, but it's weird that a little boy would choose to have that on his wall in a movie that was released in 1982. There's no indication throughout Poltergeist that any of it is supposed to take place in the future.

So what? They probably didn't want to deal with licensing from the NFL or something, right? It's not like something insanely coincidental and horrible happened six years later on the day of the Super Bowl in 1988.

No! That was a trick! Of course something happened. Remember that little girl in the clip you just watched?

Her name is Heather O'Rourke, and she essentially acts as the conduit between the poltergeists and the family in the first movie. In fact, you'd probably recognize her better like this:

The granddaughter of obligatory creepy children in horror movies.

Well on January 31, 1988, the day of the Super Bowl in San Diego, California, O'Rourke happened to be living in San Diego where she suddenly became violently ill. The very next day, she collapsed while getting ready to go to the hospital, and later that afternoon, she passed away. And just like that, the movie proved its prescience with one of the weirdest set decoration choices in horror movie history.

4. A Made for TV Movie Predicts Christopher Reeve's Paralysis

In May of 1995, a mediocre movie called Above Suspicion quietly premiered on HBO and then slipped into obscurity. It featured Christopher Reeve as a police officer who suffers from severe depression and encourages his wife and his brother to murder him in order to collect the insurance. So what could trigger that kind of depression? Well, that's the eerie part:

Christopher Reeve in a dressing gown?

Reeve's character is shot in the spine and confined to a wheelchair for the majority of the movie. Now this film was released on May 25. If for some reason you haven't committed the chronology of Christopher Reeve's life to memory, May 27 was the day he was paralyzed in a horseback riding accident. The movie where he plays a paraplegic was released just two days before his accident landed him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

In retrospect, his kryptonite back brace was a poor choice in riding attire.

Despite the movie never being in any danger of winning awards or even showing up in theaters, Reeve took the role seriously, preparing by spending a couple of days at a spinal cord trauma unit and learning what it's like to live life in a wheelchair. He even did interviews promoting the movie, stating, "A couple of days at the spinal cord trauma unit and you can see how easily it can happen."

Then, of course, it did happen almost immediately, though in the film, the big reveal is that Reeve was only pretending to be paralyzed to build an elaborate trap for his wife and brother, who were cheating on him behind his back. A pretty morally reprehensible move, even in the context of sibling adultery. Apparently karma thought so, too, but had a hard time differentiating between characters and the actors playing them.

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The SA Country Fire Service
Rating : Not Rated

The SA Country Fire Service is a volunteer based fire service in the state of South Australia in Australia. Many parts of Australia are sparsely populated whilst at the same time they are under significant risk of bushfire. Due to economics, it is prohibitively expensive for each Australian town or village to have a paid fire service (department). The compromise adopted is to have government funded equipment and training but volunteer firefighters to perform the duties of regular firefighters.

In South Australia, the name for the volunteer service is the CFS.

In the state capital Adelaide, a conventional paid service exists, called the SA Metropolitan Fire Service (SAMFS). A handful of large towns in South Australia also have retained 'Metro' or 'MFS' services, but the vast majority (over 430 communities) rely on the CFS. Several Adelaide suburbs that retain extensive scrubland have CFS stations whose area of operation overlaps that of the SAMFS with joint training exercises sometimes organised for major community facilities such as the Flinders Medical Centre. For urban incidents, both services will often attend with the first arrival taking command.

The Country Fire Service is different to most fire services world wide, in that the fire appliances are painted white, rather than red. This has many benefits, especially in visibility on road, and in thick smoke, but also has the disadvantage that they are sometimes not perceived by the public as fire trucks.[citation needed] The day/night striping down the sides of appliances is either the old silver and red standard (as seen in most images on this page), or a newer red and gold chequering. The red and gold chequering provides much better visibility, particularly for crews working on roads. Some appliances are also trialling battenburg striping with bright chevrons on the rear of the appliances.

Fire fighters wear yellow protective clothing, with a twopiece set being the standard (Bunker pants, and turn out coat). With the introduction of PBI Gold (improved structural firefighting clothing), some CFS volunteers are now seen wearing yellow/brown coloured clothing. Most turn out coats have "CFS" or "FIRE" on the back in reflective writing. More modern jackets also have day/night striping around the sleeves and bottom of the jacket. Safety Vests are provided for work on the roads. these have "Fire", "Rescue", or "CFS" on both front and back in reflective writing.

In colonial times, the government attempted to control the outbreak of wildfires by legislating against the careless use of fire. This began with the 1847 ordinance against reckless burnoffs of stubble and grass. In 1913, district councils were given the right to appoint fire control officers given the power to do anything 'necessary or expedient and practicable' to prevent fires or to protect life and property.

As firefighting technology advanced during World War II, a governmentequipped volunteer Emergency Fire Service (EFS) brigade was established in Adelaide followed by additional brigades in some country areas. After the war, equipment from these brigades was lent to district councils for rural firefighting work. To supervise the program, an Emergency Fire Services division was formed as a division of the police department. This was achieved in 1976 with the passing of the Country Fires Act through the South Australian Government which retitled the EFS as the County Fire Service (CFS). The Country Fires Act, 1989 pulled the control of the CFS away from district councils to the State Government, allowing for the development of a standardised service able to respond quickly to emergencies across South Australia. In the late 1990s, as part of a drive to ensure that the CFS was properly equipped, another major change in funding was brought in, and the administration of the Service was combined with the administration of several other emergency services.[1] Today, the Emergency Services Levy Funding provides for the training, equipment and administration resources required to maintain the operation of the Service, but the CFS still stands fundamentally on the commitment and energy of its volunteers.[2]

In 2005 the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) Act was passed in South Australian Parliament. This act brings the Country Fire Service (SACFS) Metropolitan Fire Service (SAMFS) and South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES) together under one administration board, and funding source. Vince Monterola, CEO of the Country Fire Service at the time, was appointed as the inaugural chairman. It is this Act that defines the Country Fire Service (CFS) as the South Australian Country Fire Service (SACFS). The SAFECOM Act of 2005 replaces the Country Fires Act of 1989, the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Act of 1936 and the State Emergency Service Act of 1987.[1]

A "strike team" is a deployment of appliances out of their usual area of operation. A strike team is made up as an operational unit to simplify incident command and Wholesale Jerseys control. A strike team consists of 5 fire appliances and a leading command car. The most common configuration is 4 appliances and 1 Bulk water carrier. Strike teams generally have a purpose for example a campaign strike team (with a full range of appliances) or an Impact strike team which consists of 5 fire trucks, mostly small and manoeuvrable (14's or 24's). Typically Strike teams are sourced from a group, and are named after their group. Strike teams however can be composite made up from appliances from a number of groups. Strike teams are often deployed to regional areas for several days deployment. Often a strike team will be in charge of a particular sector of a fire.

Along a similar line task forces are groups of appliances that are mobilised to combat a particular incident out of their usual area of operation. However task forces are more flexible in their makeup and appliances are usually specifically selected for a particular incident. Where practical the 1 leader with 5 subordinates ratio is maintained for command ability. Task forces attend a wide range of incidents including flooding.

There are also regional strike teams. These strike teams are put together when there are high fire danger days coming up and the CFS does not want to stretch a group's resources. These regional strike teams Wholesale NFL Jerseys usually have one or two trucks from a few groups in that region. They sometimes have two or more commanding cars, plus a State Emergency Service vehicle for logistics.

Chain of command

The CFS chain of command is set out in the following way, with the top being the most senior in rank:

Chief Officer (Red helmet with a white stripe)

Deputy Chief Officer (Red helmet with a white stripe)

Assistant Chief Officer (Red helmet with a white stripe)

Commander / Regional Commander (Red helmet with a blue stripe)

Staff/Regional Officer (Red helmet with a blue stripe)

Group Officer (Red helmet)

Deputy Group Officer (Red helmet)

Brigade Captain (Yellow helmet with a red stripe) is the most senior rank in a brigade and he or she is responsible for the operational and administrative aspects of the brigade. The position is elected by members of the brigade. Some of the things that a Captain will do are: undertaking responsibility for the proper management and maintenance of brigade property and equipment, ensuring members of the brigade are properly trained, take command of incidents and ensure that the chain of command within the brigade operates effectively, assisting with bushfire prevention and planning within the brigade's response area, liaising with other captains in adjacent brigades and managing the operations of the brigade in accordance with any determination of the CFS board.

Brigade Lieutenant. (Yellow helmet) There must be at least two Lieutenants in a brigade and a maximum of four. They are elected to assist the captain in the performance of his or her functions, and take over in the absence of the Captain.

Senior Fire Fighter. (White helmet with a red stripe) Seniors are not officers as such, but assist the Captain and Lieutenants with mainly operational management. They should be experienced personnel within the brigade, and they provide an opportunity for brigades to establish a line of middle management or succession planning. Some people see the position of a Senior as a build up to becoming a Lieutenant.

Fire Fighter (White helmet) is the lowest rank of operational fire personnel, but they are the most important, because they make up the numbers. These firefighters can be trained just as much as a more highly ranked person but they do not usually take a leadership Cheap Jerseys role at an incident.

Cadet. (White helmet with "cadet" sticker) The age in which you can become a cadet is 11, but some brigades will set higher minimum ages for their members. At the age of 16 you are able to choose to become a firefighter, or stay on until you are 18 as a cadet. Cadets are taught skills which will help them when they become firefighters.

Auxiliary brigade member. (no helmet) They do not go out on the fire truck. They help out with any of the other jobs that need doing, including fundraising, preparing food, operating the station radio etc.

All positions from Cheap NFL Jerseys Group Officer down (inclusive) are voluntary and are elected democratically by firefighters (with the exception of cadets).

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