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An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs

A team of American and European researchers have confirmed that the Cretaceous Paleogene extinction the event that wiped out roughly 75% of the planet species, including almost every dinosaur was caused by an asteroid impact in Mexico 66 million years ago. The Cretaceous Paleogene extinction was the last great extinction event to occur on Earth, and is most notable for causing the diversification of mammals that eventually resulted in Homo sapiens.

66 million years ago an asteroid roughly 15 kilometers (9 miles) wide hurtled into Chicxulub, Mexico. The collision, which left behind a 180 kilometer (110 mile) crater, released 420 zettajoules of energy 100 teratonnes of TNT, or roughly two million times stronger than the largest thermonuclear device ever used (the Russian Tsar Bomba). The impact created a huge dust cloud that blocked out the Sun, starting the extinction ball rolling by killing off much of the world plants, and thus the herbivores soon after. Due to high levels of oxygen in the Cretaceous atmosphere, the impact may also have caused intense, global firestorms that killed off many other species. Because the asteroid landed in the ocean, megatsunamis would swept the world coasts, too.

Until now, though, there hasn been enough evidence that the Chicxulub impact actually causedthe Cretaceous Paleogene extinction. There was certainly a massive asteroid impact, but previous evidence showed that the asteroid impact occurred up to 300,000 years before the extinction of the dinosaurs. Biologists and geologists have argued that there may have been another cause an impact at the Shiva crater off the coast of India, global volcanic eruptions, or perhaps something more gradual.

Now, however, European and American scientists have re tested debris from Chicxulub using state of the art equipment and narrowed the asteroid impact down to a period of 11,000 years, between 66.03 and 66.04 million years ago almost simultaneous with the Cretaceous Paleogene extinction. When dealing with geological timescales, a range of 11,000 years is about as accurate as you can get. As the research paper puts it, though, Chicxulub impact likely triggered a state shift of ecosystems already under near critical stress. In other words, prior to the extinction event, Earth was already teetering on the edge of self annihilation. The asteroid was simply the zettajoule stick that broke T Rex back.

Now read: Sorry, you will never ride, see or pet a cloned dinosaurTagged InInteresting. I remember reading about this a few years ago but I did not know there had been a discrepancy on the dating. The theory also concluded that not only was the dinosaur extinction abrupt but may have actually only taken hours as the heat from the astroid was so intense that the atmosphere (which was oxygen rich, as mentioned in the article) literally caught on fire in a ring of death that that circled the globe.

Also apparently the timeline of the KT boundary has been updated from 65 million to 66 million years ago?

I don know about the atmosphere catching fire. Combustion is when a carbon based interacts with oxygen to create CO2 and water. For each substance there is a different required temperature for the reaction. And of course, it Super Bowl Wilbert Montgomery Jersey gives off heat, which triggers a chain reaction, as nearby temperatures are likely very close to the threshold.

Anyways, just having the heat and oxygen is not enough to light the atmosphere. And CO2 doesn count as a carbon based fuel. The theory would only work if the atmosphere was filled with something flammable. Methane perhaps? But I thought methane was gone from the atmosphere ages before the dinosaurs.

You don understand Chemistry, please stop. O2 is extremely reactive and had plenty to react with at the time, not to mention a shit ton of free radical hydrogen all around this planet. Your definition of combustion is completely fallacious: Combustion is an exothermic reaction between a fuel and an oxidant. Hydrocarbons are just one type of fuel, and C02 has nothing to do with combustion in a fundamental sense (although it happens to be a product of some combustion reactions). A jar filled with just methane would never react no matter the heat. Being flammable means it is capable of reacting with an oxidant to form an exothermic reaction. You would still need an oxidant in proper ratios. Also Oxygen, while the most common place perhaps, isn the only oxidant, so even oxygen isn required for combustion. Also water isn a necessary product of the reaction, although it is also a somewhat usual product. Also heat is required to motivate the reaction into combustion. So to recap, combustion is when heat, fuel, and an oxidant meet and form Wilbert Montgomery Jersey Cheap an exothermic reaction. H2 + Cl HCl + H (Note no CO2 or O2 or H2O, no carbon based fuel, and the requirement of heat over just interaction).

I a creationist. This evolutionary event is represented in the bible as part of Day Six of creation.

In Genesis 1:26, God commands the creation of man (who comes from the of the earth As this article above explains, this event was a necessary step for the creatures created in Genesis 1:25 to give way to the new mammalian species that would produce mankind.

Please don listen to those who cling to hopelessly outdated biblical interpretations. The bible is a letter written by God to generations of mankind, and each understands it better than the last, as we mature as a race; like a child reading a letter from an absent parent will understand it better as an adult.

I couldn disagree more. The further you get from an actual event, the blurrier the details. For example, history books written months after the Constitution was signed should be far more accurate than those written today. Thus the Bible, being written by the disciples and people that actually experienced these events would have been easier to relate to by people of that era. That also not considering the language/dialect issues that future generations would face. By your logic everyone alive today is smarter than anyone alive in the distant past, which is obviously not true.

Let me explain my last point more clearly for you. The bible is God word; divinely inspired, collected, organised and protected for the purpose of communicating God will to mankind.

God communicated this information piecemeal across hundreds of years and intended it to be understood both by relatively primitive people as well as modern, more scientifically informed people.

The bible therefore contains universal truth which can be interpreted both on a very childish level of understanding, or on a much deeper and more intellectually satisfying level by better informed individuals, because the truth is the truth either way.

Agreed. I read Confirmed and my first thought was can be confirmed in Deep Time. Probable perhaps, but not confirmed. Also if the fiery ring of death did occur, literally 99.9% of life is gone; it took a billion years at least for microbes to evolve to aquatic or terrestrial eukaryotic organisms; so I tend to think that a fiery death is very improbable. Why wouldn a Volcano just erupt the oxygen atmosphere into flames? It seems to be a very flimsy argument. They suggest Which seems to mean over a long period of time this reaction was occurring, which is totally improbable because of the reaction speed at which oxygen would com bust at.

The situation is complicated by the evidence of massive eruptions in the Deccan Traps, on the Indian subcontinent, at about the same time as the Chicxulub impact. Both events would have ejected absolutely massive amounts of debris and dust into the upper atmosphere, cutting off photosynthesis.

Whatever the cause, it really is kind of a happy accident. It is very unlikely that mammals (including us) would have arisen to any position of prominence in the biological heirarchy if all those large reptilian predators had not suddenly vacated the premises.

If I talk to a religious person, they tell me they know it true that God exists and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool. They have no evidence. It faith based.

It I talk to you, you tell me you know for a fact that no god exists, and anyone who believes in a god is a fool. And you have no evidence. Again, it faith based.

What is the difference between the two of you? There is no difference, except that you been led to believe your ideas are somehow rooted in or

Do you know what logic is? Logic is a system for evaluating the validity of arguments based on premises that are true. What we are discussing here are the premises. It has nothing to do with logic.

We have so much scientific proof against the bible that it is logical that as in the god cristians believe in does not exist since nothing of it makes sense. For example why would there be bones from dinosaurs if the earth did not exist back when they roamed the earth No, humanity was created just like that and 7 days before that or whatever it was there was no planet ^^ there is no logic in anything of this. I not saying there isn a god or some sort of higher being that we don know about though but i would not call it a god either way, just some being with more intelligence and understanding in everything who might have created life at some point just like we could be able to do in the future or might already be able to if we wanted to.

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