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June 24, 2014

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Some striking workers
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Some striking workers locked out of Valley Hospital

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After being locked out, union employees of Valley Hospital marched in a long line to the visitors' entrance where they were turned away by security guards (SR Photo: Colin Mulvany)

In a tense but peaceful dispute this morning, at least 20 employees of Valley Hospital, including nurses and technical workers, were locked out of the hospital following a one day strike on Wednesday.

Dozens of union members marched in a long line to the visitors entrance where they were turned away by security guards speaking through bull horns. Joining the workers in support were union representatives from Service Employees International Union

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After being locked out, union employees of Valley Hospital marched in a long line to the visitors' entrance where they were turned away by security guards (SR Photo: Colin Mulvany)

In a tense but peaceful dispute this morning, at least 20 employees of Valley Hospital, including nurses and technical workers, were locked out of the hospital following a one day strike on Wednesday.

Dozens of union members marched in a long line to the visitors entrance where they were turned away by security guards speaking through bull horns. Joining the workers in support were union representatives from Service Employees International Union 1199NW, along with Teamsters, fire fighters and others, including state Rep. Marcus Riccelli.

SEIU 1199NW union members picket outside of Valley Hospital Thursday morning. (SR Photo: Colin Mulvany)

The action comes following a one day strike Wednesday at both Valley and Deaconess hospitals. Deaconess workers all returned to work today. Deaconess and Valley hospitals are owned by Community Health Systems, a for profit chain based in Tennessee.

Valley Hospital representatives said the hospital was forced to hire replacement workers on 72 hour contracts to keep the hospital open during the strike and that they simply fulfilling that short term obligation to the temporary workers.

Eventually the workers who were not replaced by temporary workers returned to work. The approximately 20 locked out workers were sent home. The union opposes the lockout and is considering filing an unfair labor practices case, union representatives said.

Sabrina Kimm, lead organizer with SEIU 1199NW, holds a letter telling Janeen Massaia, a Valley Hospital RN, pictured far right, not to return to work until Saturday. (SR Photo: Colin Mulvany)

Some 57 patients were at Valley Hospital this morning, said Sasha Weiler, a spokeswoman for the hospital. Many of the patients witnessed the dispute unfolding while they were waiting to be admitted.

Carol Torpey, chief nursing officer at Valley, said she very much wants to calm http://www.nfljaguarsofficialshop.com/Blake_Bortles_Jersey_Jaguars the situation and have workers get back to work, taking care of patients. She said she instructed supervisors to not discuss the strike and to welcome back the workers who returned and to treat it as any other work day.

The 1,100 members of SEIU 1199NW have asked the hospitals to bolster staffing, saying cutbacks are putting patient care in jeopardy.

The hospitals say staffing levels are appropriate and claim the labor action is related to a push for higher wages, including a demand for 5 percent annual pay raises for three years.

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Inside the 49ers 49ers 20
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Inside the 49ers 49ers 20

NEW ORLEANS Here are my grades for the 49ers' 23 20 loss to the Saints.

KAEPERNICK: C . Kaepernick passed the ball well. He was 6 for 15 on third down and 2 for 3 in the red zone. His worst pass was an interception, but it didn't cost the team anything. Kaepernick ran down the defender and made him dive for the end zone and the defender fumbled the ball out of the back of the end zone. Kaepernick's worst play was his last play, a 16 yard run on third and 19. He ran out of bounds at the end of the run and stopped the clock with 1:48 left. If he had stayed in bounds, the Saints would have gotten the ball back with around 1:08 left, and the 49ers may have been able to force overtime.

RUNNING BACKS: D . Frank Gore had one good run a 24 yarder. Other than that, he was terrible, gaining 24 yards on 12 carries against the worst run defense in the NFL. And he dropped a first down pass on second and 9 late in the fourth quarter. Kendall Hunter had one nice five yard first down run. Besides that run, Hunter rushed 3 times for 4 yards. LaMichael James rushed twice for 7 yards. And Bruce Miller had 2 catches for just 8 yards.

WIDE RECEIVERS: D+. The Saints single covered Anquan Boldin most of the game, so he played well 6 catches for 56 yards and a touchdown. The only other wide receiver who caught a pass was Mario Manningham it was an 8 yard gain. He has not been any better than Kyle Williams was.

TIGHT ENDS: D. Vernon Davis caught a touchdown pass in the third quarter, but he dropped one in the fourth quarter. Vance McDonald caught one pass for 10 yards but dropped a first down catch on a slant pattern. And Derek Carrier lined up in the wrong spot on one play and forced the Niners to use a timeout.

OFFENSIVE LINE: D. They gave up three sacks and lots of pressure. They didn't get much push in the run game, either. Mike Iupati left the game with a knee injury. After the game, his knee was in a big brace and he was using crutches to walk.

DEFENSIVE LINE: D. Aldon Smith got pressure on Drew Brees once or twice. Other than those plays, the 49ers' defensive line did not bother Brees. And they gave up 4 yards per carry and a rushing touchdown. This group missed Ray McDonald big time.

LINEBACKERS: C. NaVorro Bowman had 14 tackles, but Patrick Willis had just six. And together, they did not do a good job stopping the run. Ahmad Brooks intercepted a pass, but he also got flagged 15 yards late in the game for hitting Drew Brees high. That penalty led to a game tying field goal for the Saints.

SECONDARY: C. Donte Whitner had a couple of nice pass breakups, but this group couldn't stop anybody in the fourth quarter. The 49ers gave up 144 receiving yards in just that one quarter. Carlos Rogers, Tramaine Brock and Eric Wright all gave up big catches. Tarell Brown left the game with a rib contusion.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C. Phil Dawson easily made a 55 yard field goal. Andy Lee and Dan Skuta and Kassim Osgood pinned the Saints at their 3 yard line. And Bubba Ventrone recovered a punt the Saints fumbled. But Osgood pretty much lost sealed the defeat for the 49ers at the end when he ran into the Saints' punt returner, Darren Sproles, after he had made a fair catch. That penalty gave the Saints the ball at their 40 yard line.

COACHING: F. This was a close game because the Saints played poorly. Two Saints' turnovers gave the 49ers the ball near the red zone. Those were the only times the 49ers scored touchdowns. If the Saints hadn't been so careless with the ball, the 49ers may have scored no touchdowns for the second week in a row.

I give Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman credit for taking my advice and rolling out Kaepernick in critical situations. It led to a first down catch by Boldin on a third and 3, and a touchdown catch by Vernon Davis in the red zone. But the 49ers should have rolled out Kaepernick more often. Rolling him out was working. At the end of the game, the 49ers dropped him straight back twice in a row, and the result was a sack and a throw away that almost was a safety.

Harbaugh and Roman need to give Kaepernick more check down options, too. Kaepernick almost got intercepted in the first quarter when he forced a pass to Boldin. Kaepernick had no eligible receiver underneath to dump the ball to. The Saints had at least three defensive backs in the vicinity of Boldin. A quarterback has no chance with this style of pass offense.

Notice how the vast majority of Brees' completions were check downs. The 49ers don't have those check downs built into their offense.

One more thing. Harbaugh did a poor job managing the clock. He used all three of his first half timeouts and both of his challenges in the first 20 minutes of the game, and both challenges failed. After the game, I asked Harbaugh who he communicates with in the booth to decide whether or not to challenge a play.

Geep Chryst (he made all the calls during the drive that led to Catch III vs. New Orleans in 2012). Rathman; not only have Gore and Hunter been productive, but he turned a former DE into arguably the NFL top fullback. I think most of the coaching staff needs an overhaul. This staff was built for a power running game, and for some reason they didn seem to care to address the passing game much. Chryst has done a nice job with Smith and Kaep, but the younger receivers haven developed and the O line pass blocking has been subpar.

As much as I want to complain about the

This was a coaching lose, again. The design of the offense is simply not taking advantage of Kap strengths and minimizing his weaknesses. He ain hurt. He didn suddenly forget how to play. In fact, I would say his passes have been more accurate and been thrown with more touch this year.

The offense scheme has not supported him, allowed him to grow in a structured way. It like, forget that you can outrun the entire D like a gazelle, forget you can throw on the run downfield better than any other QB, forget you ran the read option/pistol. Let just sit in the pocket and wait.

I want dynamic Kap back, please.

Hope the Niners takeaway from this lose is not we got robbed, or we lost by a last minute FG. Look in the mirror Roman/Harbaugh.

I agree completely. Kap legs or rather, the threat of him either passing OR running is what made (makes?) him so dangerous and difficult for defenses to deal with.

He only played what, 16(?) professional games as a starter? Sixteen total games to learn how to read pro defenses from under center and performing straight drop backs? How many times have we seen college QBs who spent their entire career under center still take several years before they can operate competently in a pro style offense? Why have we gone away from what he does best? Are we too afraid to lose him to injury (playing not to lose instead of playing to win)? The kid is just not ready to operate this offense like Alex did. He not experienced enough yet and it shows. Not a knock on Kap, he just things for the first time sometimes. We all (coaches and bandwagon fans, alike) have to realize this and adjust our expectations.

I hope the coaches realize their playoff window is closing. Release the hounds, already! Start calling a more QB movement (lateral and forward) oriented scheme. Roll him out. Go heavy read option. Call designed QB runs! Stop dropping him back behind our road grading OL line like he the second coming of Peyton. News flash: he not. Go back to what you say you good at playing to the strengths of your players.

CK played poorly. The D overall played well. Grant please tell me you understand the lack of consistent pass rush was the game plan and it worked reasonably well for the most part. I understand you never coached or played the game but I believe you have done a pretty good job making up for it by studying the game but if you weren aware the lack of pass rush for the most part was a large part of Fangio game plan you have a lot more catching up to do. and taking a class in football coaching theory.

I think it a combination of things. One is that Kap doesn have enough time to go through deciphering what the defense is showing due to the archaic way the plays are called. I also not convinced that he is proficient reading defenses yet anyway. These things combined with the lack of playmaking ability of our WR leads to which leads to loss of confidence for our young QB.

Others have said this, but I wish we would run some backyard plays a handful of times per game. The guys don look like they are having too much fun right now [losing sucks] but I believe this could have a two fold effect by releasing pressure and adding back that element of surprise. Run some plays that haven been seen or would never be expected under the circumstances. Run them with 15 seconds on the play clock! This puts the opponent on their heels, make the defense be Lately opposing defenses have been and aggressive, because they know what coming and WHEN.

In a close game such as the one last week against the Panthers, one bad play, one bad dropped pass, one sack, one missed tackle, one INT, a bad officials penalty call could swing the pendulum either way.

We played in a hostile environment against a pretty darn good team with the strength of our offense (running game) stifled and still missing our best WR (Crabtree) and lost by a freakin field goal. I don like losing under any circumstances, but this team is going to keep improving as CK7 gains Michael Sam Authentic Jersey more experience and we get healthier at the WR position.

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Articles about Volleyball
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Articles about Volleyball

Volleyball Players To Watch

September 12, 2011

Kyley Reed, sr., Rocky Hill: Outside hitter was Courant's 2010 player of the year Sarah Veilleux, so. RHAM: Outside hitter had 159 kills as a freshman. Tory Broytman, sr. Southington: All state outside hitter had 222 kills in '10. Krist in Schatzlein, sr. Tolland: Middle hitter led team in kills and aces in '10. Amanda Marino, sr., Farmington: Returning all state middle hitter.


Simsbury Public Schools and Simsbury, December 30, 2013

Every year just before the holiday break, seventh and eighth graders at Simsbury's Henry James Memorial School (HJMS) look forward to engaging in some friendly competition with each other as well as with the faculty in a final showdown on the volleyball court. But this year, the HJMS Volleyball Classic on Dec. 20 was missing one of its biggest fans, Patty Lou Peters, who served 18 years as assistant principal before losing her battle with breast cancer this past June. Peters' presence was felt in every corner of the gym. Dozens of pink ribbons were posted on the walls, with their messages of awareness and hope.

Volleyball Court Can Be Reserved

July 23, 1998 ramsauthenticofficial.com/Greg_Robinson_Jersey_Rams

The sand volleyball court in Norton Park is available for daily use by town residents aged 16 and over. Players are guaranteed 90 minutes of court time, which can be reserved free by obtaining a permit through the recreation department. Volleyballs also are available at the recreation department or at the Berner Pool during pool hours. A $5 refundable deposit is required. The award recognizes athletic excellence, academic achievement and exemplary character on and off the field. Veilleux led the Sachems to a 23 1 record and the Class L state championship this season. She had 453 kills, 314 digs, 184 service receptions, 65 service aces and 20 blocks. Veilleux has a 4.39 weighted GPA, is a member of the National Honor Society and has donated time as a youth basketball instructor and peer tutor.

The Spiking Fools have been nobody's fools so far. One third of the way through the Manchester Park and Recreation Department's adult volleyball season, only one team is undefeated. The Paul's Paint Spiking Fools. After five weeks, Lee Setzler's team had a record of 15 0 and a firm hold on first place in the Atlantic Division, which is the B level coed league.

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Solutions for a Ticking HEMI

The Chrysler hemi performance engines are notorious for making slight tapping or ticking noises. Tapping and ticking noises can be caused by various problems in the motor, however these noises are most likely caused by a lack of lubrication, and may be a sign of a more significant problem. If your hemi has begun making a ticking noise or the noise has increased, you should take the vehicle to a certified professional mechanic so that the cause of the ticking can be professionally diagnosed and repaired.

One of the most common causes of the hemi Jaguars Blake Bortles Jersey tick is a problem with the lifters. There has been much speculation about what causes the lifters to tap on some hemis, especially the 5.7 liter V 8, however there is no technical service bulletin or recall on this engine from Dodge. If your hemi has lifters tapping, it is important to check the amount of engine oil and make sure you are using the right type of oil for the vehicle. Low engine oil can cause a lifter to tap and can cause permanent damage.

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49ers and Cardinals
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49ers and Cardinals each on nice rolls heading into first NFC West meeting of teams this year

SAN FRANCISCO The San Francisco 49ers usually have a nice familiarity with their NFC West foes. Not with these Cardinals, because so much has changed in Arizona.

Coach Jim Harbaugh and his San Francisco coaching staff are doing more studying leading up to Sunday's game at Candlestick Park. There's new coach Bruce Arians, new quarterback Carson Palmer, and an upgraded, swarming defence that is winning games much like the Niners' vaunted unit.

There's also familiar faces who have put up plenty of big numbers and cheap nfl jerseys stats against San Francisco: Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Patrick Peterson, Daryl Washington.

"Quite a bit's new," Harbaugh said. "New coaching staff, new players. Quite a few guys that are staples on their team. But they've added a mix of quite a few good players and it's really a new team in that regard and they're playing very well."

Arians typically talks to close friend and Colts coach Chuck Pagano every Friday, and now he can pick Pagano's brain on what worked for wholesale jerseys Indianapolis in a 27 7 win at San Francisco.

"We have to play them in a few weeks, I don't think he's going to tell me too much," Arians said with a chuckle.

Here are five things to watch when Arizona plays San Francisco, both at 3 2:

BOLDIN'S OLD TEAM: Anquan Boldin launched his career with the Cardinals, who selected him in the second round of the 2003 draft out of Florida State.

He became the fastest player to 500 catches in his 80th game in December 2008, and still holds an Arizona franchise record with five straight games with 100 yards receiving.

Not that Boldin is becoming sentimental about this weekend's matchup. He won a Super Bowl last season with the Baltimore Ravens, beating his new team.

Boldin no longer has a home in Arizona, with Florida his home base.

"It's just another game for me. It's a divisional game," Boldin said. "I'm four years removed from Arizona, so it's pretty much a turnover. I barely know any of the guys there, so it's not a big deal for me."

PALMER RETURNS: Palmer spent parts of the past two seasons in the Bay Area with the Raiders before being traded to his new home in the desert. He returns determined to get going after a slow start by Arizona's offence. Palmer has thrown nine interceptions with five touchdowns for a passer rating of 67.0.

And Palmer knows the challenge ahead against an opportunistic, ball hawking San Francisco defence. Tramaine Brock had a pick 6 and a second interception in last week's 34 3 rout of the Texans, and the Niners also forced a fumble and frustrated Matt Schaub all night.

"NFC West games are NFC West games. There is a rivalry to it," Palmer said. "There is nastiness to this division, especially defensively."

TAKEAWAYS: The "identity" is back. Ask anybody involved with San Francisco's defence and that word comes up somehow.

The 49ers forced four turnovers against Houston and converted each one into points three touchdowns and a field goal. San Francisco's defence had four takeaways for the first time since producing two interceptions and two fumble recoveries against New England on Dec. 16 last year. The 49ers' three interceptions were their most since three on Dec. 19, 2011, against Pittsburgh.

Arizona must take care of the ball.

"I think all the great ones do, they live on disruptive plays and taking the football away, and they're very, very good at it," Arians said. "That's been our problem, we've turned it over down in the red zone three times and lost points. Those have to be eliminated."

DEFENSIVE CARDINALS: The Cardinals are winning with defence of late, much like the 49ers.

San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick has faced enough defences doing all they can to slow him down that he will prepare for any tweaks and twists Arizona throws at him.

"I think they were underrated last year as a defence, but this year they're very good," Kaepernick said. "They play hard, they play fast, show a lot of different looks. Defences are going to change every time we see them. They're going to have new wrinkles."

GORE KEEPS GOING: Frank Gore has put together impressive stretches before, like those five straight 100 yard rushing performances in 2011 after a slow start.

He's on a roll of late, and it has meant so much given San Francisco's struggles in the passing game without a strong No. 2 wide receiver to complement Boldin and tight end Vernon Davis.