Another huge demographic that can benefit

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Another huge demographic that can benefit

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Another huge demographic that can benefit from wireless technology is college students. Given that the Philadelphia area is inundated with universities, the mobile broadband companies have the area completely covered signal-wise. Now students don't have to worry about being near a campus building to pick up a wireless signal. Research studies and class notes can be easily downloaded from anywhere thanks to the wireless card.

Think of the amount of time all these kinds of people can save by having internet access at their fingertips all day. A thirty minute commute may not seem like much time, but two of them equals one hour. A great deal of work can be completed in an hour, no matter who you are - doctor, student or businessman.

In the past, it has been quite common to have a land internet connection - cable, DSL or dial-up - at home and to also have a wireless card for travel purposes. However, as wireless internet technology continues to become better, it makes more sense to consolidate the bills and use the wireless access at home as well. The speed of current wireless technology makes it possible to replace the traditional home connection. Not to mention that in recent years laptops have become more common than personal computers. Additionally, it's a great way to save money.

The latest wireless technology is an update from the 3G technology some may be familiar with. This new technology is called 4G. Seemingly appropriately named as a step up from 3G, it offers download speeds of up to three times that of 3G.

Obviously, this faster transfer of information makes for a better web browsing experience. It allows music or movie fanatics to download material on-the-go. Meanwhile, the more work or study conscious people can quickly upload a PowerPoint presentation or download a journal article. No matter who you are or what you do, constant wireless access has endless benefits - especially when you have all that free time on the daily commute.

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