Swipe Cards as backup

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Swipe Cards as backup
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An RFID CARDcomes with a reloadable Swipe Card which can be used to check one's balance and to swipe in case of emergencies. "There's no guarantee that the antenna on top (of the toll gate) will be functioning 100 percent of the time. There may be instances when the cable may be broken, the connection is interrupted. In such instance, the motorist can surrender the rfid inlay o a toll teller and the toll tellers can swipe the card," said Lee Tiam, Managing Director of RTS Technology Malaysia. "The sticker comes with a swipe card. In an event of an emergency na nagfail yung system for some reason, you can surrender your combo cardsin a manual lane. But yun lang for emergencies," added Bontia. However, not all vehicles can be fitted with EasyDrive. Before installation, the metal content of a car's windshield will first be measured. Cars with higher metal content cannot be installed with a sticker since they may not be detected by the RFID reader. "Initial results of our (tests) showed that pagka yung tint ng kotse ay yung magic na darker sa umaga but lighter sa gabi na type of tint, yun ang mga hindi pumapasa. But in fact, yung mga dark na tint, pumapasa," Bontia said. "We're working on a headlamp-type sticker that can be placed outside (the windshield)," he added. "We are also currently working on implementing EasyDrive in the NLEX (North Luzon Express Way)," said Ramoncito Fernandez, Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation president.

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An RFID CARDcomes with a reloadable Swipe Card which can be used to 

check one's balance and to swipe in case of emergencies.

"There's no guarantee that the antenna on top (of the toll gate) will be 

functioning 100 percent of the time. There may be instances when the

 cable may be broken, the connection is interrupted. In such instance,

 the motorist can surrender the rfid inlay

o a toll teller and the toll tellers can swipe the card," said Lee Tiam, 

Managing Director of RTS Technology Malaysia.

"The sticker comes with a swipe card. In an event of an emergency na

 nagfail yung system for some reason, you can surrender your 

combo cardsin a manual lane. But yun lang for emergencies," 

added Bontia.

However, not all vehicles can be fitted with EasyDrive. Before

 installation, the metal content of a car's windshield will first be 

measured. Cars with higher metal content cannot be installed with 

a sticker since they may not be detected by the RFID reader.

"Initial results of our (tests) showed that pagka yung tint ng kotse ay

 yung magic na darker sa umaga but lighter sa gabi na type of tint, 

yun ang mga hindi pumapasa. But in fact, yung mga dark na tint, 

pumapasa," Bontia said.

"We're working on a headlamp-type sticker that can be placed outside (the windshield)," he added.

"We are also currently working on implementing EasyDrive in the

 NLEX (North Luzon Express Way)," said Ramoncito Fernandez,

 Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation president.

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