Fuel shall be installed RFID devices

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BPH regulations that states any motor vehicle that buy fuel shall be installed RFID devices. Likewise with General Fuel Filling Station (gas stations) will be installed the system devices. For motorists who are entitled to use subsidized fuel, can be scanned or read by the nozzle (head hose pump) fuel subsidies and non-subsidized fuel. While the motor vehicle is not entitled to use subsidized fuel, can only be scanned or read by non-subsidized fuel nozzle. "Vehicles that are not attached devices this technology can only fill fuel at the pump non Pertamina," said Djoko.

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BPH regulations that states any motor vehicle that buy fuel shall 

be installed RFID devices. Likewise with General Fuel Filling Station

 (gas stations) will be installed the system devices.

For motorists who are entitled to use subsidized fuel, can be

 scanned or read by the nozzle (head hose pump) fuel subsidies 

and non-subsidized fuel. While the motor vehicle is not entitled to use 

subsidized fuel, can only be scanned or read by non-subsidized fuel nozzle.

"Vehicles that are not attached devices this technology can only

 fill fuel at the pump non Pertamina," said Djoko.

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