King should apologize for calling Michael Jackson a pervert

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Rep. Bobby L. Rush (IL 01) said he was offended and insulted by the comments of New York Rep. Peter King after he called Michael Jackson a "pervert" and questioned the extensive media coverage of the pop star's death. "This guy was a pervert," the New York legislator said in the video, shot Sunday by a staff member outside an American Legion hall and posted to You Tube. "He was a child molester. He was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it Authentic Tom Jackson Jersey say about us as a country?" The east coast legislator reiterated his statements today.

"How dare Rep. King utter such scandalous and outlandish comments about Michael Jackson, when he has never opened his mouth to criticize his own colleagues who have been were accused of morally reprehensible, criminal or indecent acts and were forced to resign from public office," said Rush. "Michael Jackson, was found innocent of the allegation against him and has never been classified in any court as being a pedophile. Therefore my collegague's position is just an opinion and not a statement of fact.

"Michael will forever live in the memories of tens of millions of people around the world as one of the most creative, engaging and prolific artist of his generation," Rush continued. "To millions of African Americans children, specifically, his story of being born to a working class family in Gary, Indiana, to becoming one of the world's biggest stars illustrates the benefits of hard work, discipline, perseverance and self determination. His story, from his humble beginnings, to his tragic passing at age 50 should be told. For Rep. Senate seat is unacceptable. Anybody remember his part in the Roland Burris fiasco? Here's hoping he gets thrown with the Toddler, Burris and the rest of the so called "politicians" in the next election.

I highly doubt that this extremely ignorant Republican buffoon hasn't stopped to consider his own role and responsibility in sending the youth of America off to be mamed for life or to their deaths in Iraq for a lie or the thousands and thousands of Iraqi children who have been killed or mamed for life. He has some nerve to dare point his blood stained finger judgementally at anyone else.

With each passing day Republicans continue to tell the American people why they need to be kept in Authentic Gary Zimmerman Jersey the minority for the foreseeable future. This is just the latest example.

On a side note, I hope the Jackson family sues his dumb ass for every penny he's got. And then give the money to children's charities.

I can't stand right wing Republicans,however, Pete king is correct in his views. While Jackson was a talented dancer and singer, he was also a deplorable human being in many ways. Why should King have to apologize for his opinions?

I am also tired of Tom Jackson Jersey the media's constant attention on celebrity.


Thank you for writing so eloquently about this video. What this man said was improper, rude, and just plain wrong on all counts. I hope to be hearing a deafening chorus of calls for him to make an apology to the Jackson Family as well as to the rest of us whom he greatly offended. I hold all people to a high standard regarding how they treat others and regarding things like our basic rights. This man is a public servant and he dares to say such things with no care for who he hurts or what lies he perpetuates. Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts by a jury of his peers. I wonder if Pete King had been on trial for this and he had been exonerated would he not want to get on with HIS life and not be accused/tried/convicted/vilified in the court of public opinion forever regardless of his innocence? Certainly Mr. Jackson deserves no less than to be truthfully remembered in the proper light. I hope everyone who views that awful video will email this man and call for a retraction and SINCERE apology. What he stated was reprehensible. Our justice system should not be taken so lightly either especially by high profile elected officials. If he doesn't believe in our government and its due process perhaps he should quit elsewise he might be wont to do away with the whole troublesome matter of due process and just judge everyone himself for expediency. Also, I had no trouble finding ample coverage about our wonderful servicemen and servicewomen around the world.

What I would like to see is the GOP make a public statement denouncing the outrageous statements made by Rep. Pete King about Michael Jackson. Fan or not, right or wrong, it's indefensible for an elected official to behave and speak in this way and say the things he said while family, friends and fans of Michael Jackson is still in the grip of mourning. As far as I'm concerned his statement is about as irresponsible as mine's would be Gary Zimmerman Broncos Jersey should I say, "He must have been confused and thought he was speaking in front of a burning cross at a Klan rally."

Michael Jackson's true fans know him, and know that he was a wonderful, generous man. I grew up knowing his music, and what he has done for people. I feel like I lost a friend, and I didn't know him personally, but he makes his fans feel like they do!! Rep. King will never have that same effect on people, I think he's jealous. Michael has a lot of followers.(voting followers). We shall see!! Even though, he will never be a man ever on the same level as Michael Jackson. He should stand up, and pay respects, APOLOGIZE, and then shut Karl Mecklenburg Jersey the hell up!!!

It's nice to see a politician that isn't afraid of being politically incorrect. What he said is true and we are all tired of the endless Michael Jackson saga on almost every channel. Why aren't you people that are putting Mr. King down equally indignant over all Karl Mecklenburg Broncos Jersey of the evil and untrue things being said about Sarah Palin. She values and respects life while Jackson admittedly slept with young boys. Or the pervert David Letterman saying that Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter was knocked up at a ball game. I'm sure that if some comedian said that Obama took his girls to Disneyland and they were molested by a child predator, he/she would be crucified by the left wing media. Of course no person in their right mind would wish that any more than the disgusting statement by Letterman.

I am only 28 years old, and I have seen this country (and the world) evolve into a media circus, where people are famous for just being famous and it is outrageous. That said, Michal Jackson is NOT one of those people. He worked from the bottom up, and will remain one of the greatest entertainers of all time, a true icon, a true legend. His music and dancing made people around the world want to learn how to sing and dance, and he has inspired many of the artists we see and hear today.

Is there a lot of coverage? Yes there isbut rightly so. If it wasn't covering his story, then we would be hearing about Jon Kate Plus Eight or Twilight cast gossip. He deserves the spotlight right now. There are people overseas dying for our country, and I realize this. However, as an American citizen who stays fairly up to date with current affairs, I feel we are often not privy to the what is going on overseas. We do not celebrate the lives of the soldiers who have died for us over there the way we should be. I partially blame the Bush Administration for this. Casualties of War is not what his Administration wanted to show, but you cannot blame the media for not being able to show what they do not know. And you certainly cannot blame Michael Jackson for this either.

Michael Jackson DOES deserve the attention and the praise he getting now.

Your comment that he did some singing and dancing is a gross understatment. He is our Elvis, our John Lennon, let us celebrate his accomplishments! In the event you did Authentic Karl Mecklenburg Jersey not know what he accomplished during his 42 years in the industry, I have included a list of (some) his many achievements for you to review.

Biggest tour Gary Zimmerman Jersey in History with the Bad Tour, which ran from 9/1987 to 12/1988

Greatest Superbowl Audience during a half time show

In my opinion, your remarks on him being a "low life" and "pervert" were uncalled for. You further went on to say "Let's knock out the psychobabble. He was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile." What absurd statement to make as an elected official! Aren't you a Congressman? Don't you believe in our justice system? This is the criminal justice system that never found him guilty of a single crime. You let some allegations, which he was never convicted of, overshadow his genius which is just plain shameful.

Outside of the arena of music his contribution to society at large has greatly impacted both those inside and outside of the United States. Have you forgotten about Ryan White, the posterboy for HIV. Michael Jackson was one of the first celebrities to step forward and raise awareness for Ryan White's case. for Africa (or "United Support of Artists for Africa"). Revenues made from this song raised approximately $63 million for famine relief in Africa. Michael Jackson also contributed to setting up the Heal The World Foundation. For your reference I have listed the charities he individually supported throughout his Tom Jackson Broncos Jersey life in addition to the Heal The World Foundation.

Peter King is one of many right wing republicans that feel anything grand about black people is an insult to whites. I wonder how he feels about Woody Allen who is indeed a pedophile and molested all of Mia Farrows adopted little girls and eventually married the older. Mia wrote in her book that it was frequent that she would find Woody indecent with the adopted girls. Since Obama's election any racist takes the liberty to be as hateful and self serving as possible and the Blacks are not going to let them do this kind of thing and say nothing. The black vote and the black buying power is much needed and will not cater to politicians and or businesses that feel that insults on blacks are ok

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