Toledo beatific a pass

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Toledo beatific a pass
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52 minutes, Higuain hit the belted breadth of the alley volley, Juventus 1 to 0 lead. 73 minutes, Pianic on the appropriate bend of the pass, Lugani Qiangdian beforehand Gongmen hit Juventus 2 to 0  fifa 17 ios coins achievement over Dinamo Zagreb, to the accumulation as the top 16 status, Le Dinamo is the end of the accomplished six annular out.

The aboriginal 3 minutes, Rafael on the appropriate pass, Balboa belted the average of the Gongmen goalkeeper adored the basal line. The aboriginal 13 minutes, Balboa biography, Gona Longsi's beforehand from the basal line. The aboriginal 19 minutes, escudero beatific a beeline pass, Wei Toluo belted breadth left-wing Gongmen hit the appropriate goalpost.

22 minutes, Toliso pass, all-embracing goalkeeper Baer Buena Dangxia. The aboriginal 31 minutes, Diyabi pass, Toliso continued shots over the bar. The aboriginal 37 minutes, Toledo beatific a pass, Balboa belted breadth larboard the aperture hit the batten pop. The aboriginal 43 minutes, Ghazar's chargeless bang over the bar.

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