Religious Symbols

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Religious Symbols
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Leviticus 19:28 states, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you". Not to engage in a biblical debate or anything, but Leviticus also states that only royalty can wear the color purple, and that if a man touches Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys a woman while she is menstruating, he must bathe in the river of Jordan. Anyway, some Christians take this to mean that scarring, cutting, piercing or tattooing oneself in any way is a desecration of the body and the body is a temple NFL Jerseys Wholesale of God. Others argue that that verse applies to other false, un Christian religious practices, or that believers of the New Testament are not bound by Old Testament laws. Some proponents of Christianity mistakenly believe that tattoos are rooted in paganism or witchcraft. Regardless, tattoos of religious symbols are a popular choice of body art among Christians and many other denominations.


My 20 year old cousin recently brought this to my attention, opining that he didn believe in getting tattoos for New Nike NFL Jerseys himself due to the Bible advising against it. He opted instead for a process known as "scarification" (a body modification that uses scar tissue to create a permanent brand) explaining that a wound that would certainly heal was not the same as a cut or a mark.


I am a Christian Cheap NFL Jerseys and I have wanted to get a tattoo but then Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale I read the verse right after the one that you mentioned and it's about not making your daughter a prostitute, and Nike NFL Jerseys that same chapter talks about not sleeping with family members and animals. Since when do we get to decide what parts of the Bible to believe in and what not to believe in? You either believe in it in entirely ot not at all, because being a lukewarm believer is an abomination to God.


BDazzler 5 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA


It was kind of amusing when our pastor got a tattoo, and showed it to the church.


I am not all that legalistic, but I do try to look at the core reason behind the various lawa adn try to apply the principles. Based on the scripture you stated above, I am . concerned . about what I've heard called "memorial tattoos" .


As far as tattoos in general, Paul said he would be all things to all people so that he could relate the gospel. All things, for the Christian are lawful, but not all things are beneficial . which makes a lot of it personal choice.


As for me peronally, the idea of gazillions of needles piercing my skin and injecting ink just doesnt' seem like a good plan for me, even if the bible had nothing to say about it.

Posted by hcxtwssos

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