1000 horsepower SATS team Toyota Supra drift car--gm tech2 Candi

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1000 horsepower SATS team Toyota Supra drift car

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SATS from the UK team in the just concluded international AUTOSPORTS racing show, released they participated in the 2012 season of the drift car, new car in the 2011 season 800 horsepower to 1000 horsepower engine on incremental, still use Toyota original 3 liter 2JZ engine with GT42 turbo combination. For the SATS team, the 2011 season because the gapgm tech2 Candi slightly lost lost all British drift Championship throne, in the 2012 season absolutely not lose, increase the car's horsepower is the basic guarantee of title.

The maximum relative change of the 2011 season, SATS chariot change and body painting, from the original is now more white light yellow and gold with. Not only increase horsepower, color change, many parts of body is replaced for the carbon fiber material products, the purpose is to ADS-1S achieve the ultimate lightweight. In a few weeks, veteran Mark Nuna will again sit in the car driving seats from the British Isles, accept various drift king challenge.

In more familiar Japan drift Championship D1 Grand Prix, dynamic general drift Volvo Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool car setting will be between 600 to 700 horsepower, such as the famous drivers weaving family learn to drive Supra, capacity from 3 to 3.4, up to 750 horsepower. Such as the UK SATS Supra engine to achieve 1000 horsepower is very rare, generally this kind of large horsepower are required to use the super sized turbine, the turbine must reach a higher speed can play a role, so the real power output ferocious section is very limited, and it should drift competition situation. Unfortunately, we have not found the car more information, not more details on the setting of the.

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