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During National Day, companies of two H of big partner United States and M company issued the order of 80 ark, add other client, build a merbau bench seat at present company order already amounted to 200 ark, surpass historical record high, work overtime to also want to finish the job to ability of the end of the year namely.

On October 20, 2016, walk into the workshop that stick a face, manufacturing workshop workingwoman people sleek stick a face. A lot of employee did not arrive to begin the work at 7 o'clock in the morning, the crop below the condition that does not add in personnel increases outdoor wood decking in shanghai considerably, employee wages rose last year compared to the same period 17% , the unit produces cost to drop continuously instead, reduced 0.41 yuan last year compared to bid fence estimate online the same period / piece, more stimulative production system enters benign loop.

At the beginning of September, shen Xiaoyong of general manager of adornment board company and export department personnel head for American market, visited client of stress of a few industries. Because the company is like a day of excellent product quality and Wu of resin and composite wood flooring panels sincere be convinced 10 years, increase stated cost dominant position, hare darling plank is in the United States high-end client group and formed in the industry good public praise and approbate degree.

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