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floor to pay attention
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floor to pay attention

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  • floor to pay attention

<p>Paco, let the life dream to light up... As the floor of the domestic well-known brand, PACO PACO of nearly two hundred kinds of colors. Favored by most elderly friends gold walnut, the red alder, the ancient oak, such as color, feeling that "faint fragrance of tea, intoxicating sunset" PC;</p> 
<p>Fugui hong, straight grain, oak, teak, yellow pine, such as color, deducing the intelligentsia contain deep "spring there are flowers autumn full moon, summer is cool winter snow" culture and the honourable life; Alder, maple, white cherry color, silhouetted against a white-collar "a cup of coffee, light fragrant" elegant quality of life.</p> 
<p>Paco floor with its bright color and full of individual character space allows you to fully enjoy the new vogue, high grade of the life that occupy the home. A few days ago, aggrandizement wood floor industry insiders revealed: don't accept any of the news media to participate in the aggrandizement wood floor of summit held recently in chengdu. </p>
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