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formaldehyde content

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<p>Aggrandizement wood floor industry in our country famous brand enterprise, iconography, macro 14 companies such as executives attended the summit, Lin Chanye experts, leading also was invited to the meeting. It is understood that the meeting numerous purged of aggrandizement wood floor industry issues, and the national standard modification aggrandizement wood floor is the focus of the summit.</p> 
<p>A period once the vendors, customers, industry leaders several parties get the embarrassing position of revolution of the aggrandizement wood floor, the problem such as formaldehyde content, faded, due to the old standard, amended, or modified is resolved. It is understood that a new standard in the years has been a foregone conclusion.</p> 
<p>The country man-made board testing Lv Bin and macro resistant to wooden floor, director of the center general manager li of aggrandizement wood floor of the old standard hole has the following analysis: holes one: there is no specific provision in the testing equipment.</p> 
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