Nuo man-made board produces

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Nuo man-made board produces
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Nuo man-made board produces

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<p>Industry of power timber of Henan beautiful Nuo man-made board produces the large modernization that limited company is capital attraction of government of county of Henan province new Cai enterprise, held water in July 2016, the company registers capital 60 million yuan, employee 280 people, personnel of of all kinds and professional technology 60 people, in advanced technology personnel 20 more than person. </p>
The company is located in area of garden of area of assemble of industry of new Cai county, be apart from big new freeway exports wide, Chu 5 kilometers, border 106, 328 nations line, be apart from Hefei, Wuhan,
<p> Zhengzhou 300 kilometers, this world that be apart from a letter, inn that be stationed in a horse, mound 100 kilometers control this world, area position is clear, communication is very easy. Plant area covers an area of a face to accumulate 153000 square metre, plan total investment to be 500 million yuan of RMBs. </p>
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