solid wood flooring

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solid wood flooring
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solid wood flooring

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  • solid wood flooring

<p>After the Ji xiang wood industry was completed, it launched the second stage of the expansion plan.And Hubei Shishou City forestry bureau to invest in another medium density fiberboard project (Hubei Ji xiang).A high-quality medium density fiberboard (fiberboard) for 350000 cubic meters of high quality furniture and construction industry which is developed rapidly in China each year.</p>
<p>The project has created multiple jobs and raised thousands of farmers in forestry income.In addition, the company also introduced foreign advanced management technology, to create new forest farms.The concept of environmental protection promotes the rapid running of guitar wood industry in order to develop the ecological forestry in the surrounding areas, making the barren hills green and resource regeneration as the base of the development of enterprises.</p>
<p>As a forestry processing enterprise with wood as the raw material, it established and put into practice this economic development model in the mainland of China in 1994.This fully shows the development momentum of the enterprise supply, production and sales, and enter the benign development track of economic and social benefits.</p>
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