Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to promote steel market rose

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Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to promote steel market rose

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Although the steel market in recent years, the "gold nine silver ten" seems to have been too strong persuasive, but for the construction industry, it is still "golden season." And this year is different from previous years, "land steel" banned, resulting in building materials market is "tough." In this case, "gold nine silver ten" will be with the steel city, to support steel prices remain high to run.Stainless steel exports,Stainless steel suppliers,Stainless Steel Metal Products For Sale


Since last year, with the rise in steel prices, steel mills can be described as a bowl full of pots. It is understood that the current Hebei private steel billet profits up to 600-700 yuan, individual cost control better corporate profits even close to thousand dollars. Steel tons of steel profits higher, really accumulated the risk of falling, the market will soon be raised after the adjustment needs.Vacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing Furnace


But from the current situation this year, expect prices continue to plummet, and then fell to the vicinity of the steel line, this possibility is relatively small. Mainly due to the current policy of the steel market to form a positive. Steel to production capacity, control of steel production; "one way along the" policy, pulling the demand for steel. In addition, the saying goes, feng shui turns, do not just see "thief eat meat", then "thief beaten" when they do not see who "fight injustice."bobina de acero inoxidable precio - EastasiaMetal


From the recent market conditions, the upward trend in steel prices is very stable, strong resilience; even if the snail appears "U-turn" market, but the spot billet, building materials and other varieties still show a strong. Comprehensive consideration, I think the future is still worth looking forward to the steel market, the general direction will continue to break up, which billet, building materials will continue to play a "leader" role.Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Plate 310S

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