Steel factory guide prices continue to pull high

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Steel factory guide prices continue to pull high

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From the East special market price increases higher than the guidance price, the other rate of increase are less than the guidance price. At the same time the three major steel prices at the current market price is still 200-400 yuan / ton price difference. And the recent steel prices will be very strong, so the latter part of the market price is still a certain boost.201 Precio Del Círculo Del Acero Inoxidable Por El Kilogramo Hecho En China


We have recently referred to the recent steel mills continue to pull up the guidance price is mainly raw materials rose sharply, and the late steel mills or continue to be very price reasons mainly due to rising raw material steel prices, steel mills or for the maintenance of their own interests, plate.4130 Chromoly Tube Seamless Steel Tubes Cold Finish


From the current stainless steel average price is much higher than the second and third quarter, but with the nickel-chromium alloy price difference has shown a downward trend (spread minus the processing cost for profit), which means that for the stainless steel production enterprises, the control of space But gradually narrowing, profit margins weakened.SGS Approved Tisco Ss430 Stainless Steel Price


And to the current procurement of raw materials, steel procurement cycle, to the highest cost of raw materials in December, then the steel to maintain profit margins, or limited production, limited goods, very price and other initiatives to maintain a period of time.Vacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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