WPC floor how to buy

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WPC floor how to buy
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WPC floor how to buy http://outdoorwaterproofdeck.com

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<p>Through the appearance of authenticity: in the purchase of WPC floor, first of all have to pay attention to observe, identify the authenticity and thickness, length, appearance and so on <a href='http://unitedprescanoncity.org'>Environmentally Healthy Outdoor Flooring</a> . Under normal circumstances, WPC floor is divided into large and small specifications, one for 1.2 cm, this floor is similar to solid wood flooring, the foot feel better, generally used for larger rooms; and the other for 0.8 cm, the use of small area rooms, is conducive to saving materials.</p>
<p>Hands-on test was assured: in the purchase of WPC floor, in addition to the eye, but also to carry out the test, grass-roots inspection, wear resistance and hand touch the floor is tight, waterproof treatment is done and so on.</p>
<p>1), with two flooring model assembled to see if the assembly is neat, tight, usually a good floor stitched together, the joint force to break apart are very difficult;</p>
<p>2), in addition, the purchase site will be poured in the required floor seams, in order to detect the water resistance of the floor. Generally speaking, the most vulnerable is the seepage of the two floors of the seams, consumers can use this method in modern tests, if the water up and did not penetrate, then the floor will have a better water resistance.</p>
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