Industrial boilers are the eternal industry

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Industrial boilers are the eternal industry

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China's boiler industry, it is neither a sunrise industry, nor a sunset industry, but with the human coexistence of the eternal industry. With the vigorous development of China's national economy, in recent years, industrial boilers manufacturing industry has made great progress. Its outstanding effect is that industry standards increasingly standardized, gradually improve the level of technology, product variety continues to increase, significantly expand the scale of the economy. As the market demand continues to increase, the number of production enterprises increased rapidly, by the end of 2008, the country held at all levels of boiler manufacturing license enterprises for the 1555, of which the State Administration of Quality Supervision approved 1205, local provinces, Up to 350, can provide a variety of different pressure levels and capacity of the boiler to meet the current needs of China's market.

Fuel, gas boilers and other boilers using clean combustion technology in large and medium-sized cities will be rapid development. Gas boilers will have made great progress, fuel consumption and biomass burning boiler market potential, regenerative electric boiler system with the power industry reform and development of its market will be further widened. The use of clean fuel and clean combustion technology, efficient, energy saving, low pollution boiler will be the development trend of boiler products, and high-end and high value-added products market development. Boiler manufacturing and national economic development are closely related to become an important part of the national basic industries. Boiler manufacturing products a wide range of major categories include: power plant boilers, power boilers, heat boilers, industrial boilers and boiler auxiliary machinery and other categories; host, auxiliary, pumping stations, valves and other varieties of equipment accessories category; Other special needs and design and manufacture of special equipment and facilities, and so on.

From the long-term development point of view, the competitive advantages of large power plants and power plant boiler business development prospects are better. At present, only a dozen domestic power plant boiler professional manufacturers, products to medium and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler and chain furnace based. From the demand to analyze, is currently a good time to invest in power plant boiler products. Boiler industry is one of China's large-scale industries. China's development in the boiler has never stopped. As the boiler industry in the world is also a relatively popular industry, boiler improvement and the development of new boilers has become one of the key research projects in various countries, of course, China is no exception. With the WTO to join the domestic power plant boiler products, the rapid development of power plant boiler product competition will gradually become more intense, the competition between domestic enterprises is also inevitable. But the competitive market risks and opportunities coexist, with geographical advantages, technological advantages, marketing network advantages of enterprises will win, and lead the next step in market integration.

At the same time the state advocated energy-saving boiler is another opportunity for the development of the industry, in recent years due to the cry of low-carbon environmental protection rising, people on their own social activities generated by the more and more attention. Low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission-based economic model, is the human society following the agricultural civilization, industrial civilization after another major progress. Therefore, in various fields have produced a low-carbon concept, low-carbon life, low-carbon products and services, and so on. Needless to say, in the boiler industry also produced the concept of energy-saving boilers, energy-saving boiler products require compact structure, small size, easy on-site installation, high efficiency, long life, good boiler sealing performance, positive pressure operation and so on.

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