BlackBerry is going to return corporate clients

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BlackBerry company is not going out of business mobile phones, but in order to bring the situation in a favorable direction for itself , it needs to appeal to their corporate roots.
"We remain committed to the business of mobile phones and make it work " - said CEO John Chen BlackBerry .
His comments about the state of business mobile phones clarify statements that have been made ??in an interview with Reuters. Then Chen said: " If making the sale of devices I can not , I can not stay in business mobile phones."
Perennial dominance of the market for corporate BlackBerry phones were interrupted soaring popularity of iOS and Android. In 2013, the company managed to sell 19.2 million devices with BlackBerry OS. According to IDC, the BlackBerry sales compared with 2012 decreased by 40.9% , while the share occupied by the market, decreased by 1.9%. Ahead of BlackBerry are now Android ( market share which is 78,6%), Apple iOS (15,2%) and Windows Phone (3,3%).
Today, the company wants to forget about the problems with the phones and the operating system that has befallen her lately, and focus on corporate services and high-end devices . " Customers want to have everything was as before - said Chen . - And we must fulfill their wishes . If they still want to , then get . "
Another major initiative was the launch of the model BlackBerry Z3, which initially will be sold in Indonesia.
"We do not reject the consumer segment in favor of high-end smartphones , but also to produce an entry-level device is not going to - said Chen . - We do not aim to introduce Android-powered phone for $ 79 and compete with Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi. Such plans are not even considered. Perhaps the emergence of consumer devices will have to wait a few years . First we need to fix their financial condition and offer customers a robust enterprise services . If you fail to return the respect of corporate clients , then you can try your hand in the consumer market. "
In the meantime, the company strives to reduce costs and improve efficiency phones. Foxconn is helping BlackBerry to buy 10 inch notebook .
"Business phones consists of many nuances - said Chen . - There are things that we can not ignore - a guarantee , spare parts, repair, maintenance , utilization. Need to optimize the value of all existing procedures. And today we are going down this path . "
Savings on hardware carries on BlackBerry software and services . The company is expanding mobile device management and enterprise mobility , improves security and performance and improves messaging software . Software and services generate additional value and help to increase the number of users who buy the device BlackBerry.
One of the success stories of the company was the launch vehicle of the voice and text messaging BlackBerry Messenger. Currently it supports BlackBerry OS, iOS, Android, and will soon be available on Windows Phone. The software has a rich feature set , although the developers and recognize that it needs improvement.
" We have established a rather complex user interface , especially in the part that deals with procedures for registration and invitations - said the president, global corporate services BlackBerry John Sims . - Now we are working hard to resolve urgent problems , and at the next stage, the main efforts will be directed to simplify the user interface. The company builds a global infrastructure to support software and services for mobile devices, and plans to professional services division , which will help us in the deployment of cloud and mobile devices . "
More recently, the company is considering selling BlackBerry, today its management believes that the focus on corporate clients to help achieve recovery after several years of bad luck .
"Our company is focused on the production of high-end phones for corporate clients - said Chen . - Today we are talking about the regulation of the industry , on the construction of verticals and intend to continue to move forward in this direction. "

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