Miami Dolphins bullying scandal blown out of proportion

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Former Chicago Bears cheap wedding dresses head coach Mike Ditka has played down the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal and believes much of what has been said has been misinterpreted.


Miami has cheap prom dresses indefinitely suspended Richie Incognito over allegations of abusive behaviour towards his fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin.


Incognito says the 'abuse' was just banter though he concedes that he Cheap Jerseys From China took it too far but the story has caused American sport to examine whether the case is indicative of a wider problem.


But Ditka, who won the Superbowl as a player and head coach at the Bears, said: "Do I think this was with malicious intent? No.


"These cheap prom dresses online are guys, you know your brain has to go into gear before your mouth operates, and sometimes guys don't think before they do something.


"I thought it was a thoughtless act, I don't think there was anything racial meant by it, I don't care what was said or how it was said. I think these guys were friends.


"I've been around the game of Cheap Jerseys football for a long time and I've never seen anything like this in a locker room. When I was a head coach maybe I didn't know some of the things going on but it bothers me a little bit when you say Joe Philbin is to blame for this because he's not.


"The head NFL Jerseys Wholesale Free Shipping coach, I mean you're operating a football team, you're running an organisation, you've got a lot of people to worry about every day, that's the last thing you would even think would happen in your locker room.

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