Iron Ore Processing Technological Process

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Iron ore is the main raw materials of polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher and steel metallurgical industry, also is the important mineral resources for the sustainable development

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Iron ore is the main raw materials of polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher and steel metallurgical industry, also is the important mineral resources for the sustainable development of national economy. From its definition, iron ore is containing iron content of iron ore minerals and the collection, at the same time is in the existing technology, can undertake the development and utilization of economic conditions, have certain commercial value and the floorboard of the industrial value of ore minerals. Of ore minerals from geological metallogenic perspective, in the long geologic process, and other mineral elements, mechanical or chemical mixed together, the iron content of high concentration for the development and utilization of iron ore, and low degree of enrichment is preserved as a rock.

Machining process

There are many kinds of Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet devices. In the special feed bucket, set flush mixing system will dry fine grinding of mineral ore can be (wet autogenous grinding) fully wetting and mixing to appropriate pulp density. Fully dispersed finely mineral, oblique in high ore fluid level close to the points selection. Mineral in feed forward into the process, in under the action of gravity, magnetic and other comprehensive force field separate layers in the first place. Gangue coarse particles under the action of gravity settling to the bottom first, with the ore flow movement, coarse particles containing magnetic minerals due to the magnetic effect and is located in the upper and bottom accelerate forward movement, fine particle magnetic minerals under the effect of magnetic field and the chain suspension upper and accelerate forward movement. Stratification of the pulp was directly to high speed to sorting cylinder surface with high magnetic effect. Due to sorting cylinder motion of magnetic minerals in the pulp, the magnetic acceleration first reach the surface of the separation tube, and by sorting adsorbed on the inner tube of high magnetic force directly, and coarse particle mineral then reach the surface of the separation tube, and coarse particle containing magnetic minerals, can be directly adsorption separation of high magnetic separation tube surface, not subjected to magnetic gangue minerals, cannot be tube adsorption separation, also hard to enter the sorting cylinder inner layer formed in the magnetic mineral inclusions.

In the nature of Lead Ore Processing Plant minerals known there are 300 species, can be a major iron ore mining are magnetite, hematite, limonite, siderite, etc., when the content of the iron minerals can reach a certain standard to the development and utilization, as iron ore, such as magnetic hematite ore, stone, etc. With the expanding scope of human activities and the rapid development of national economy, the direct charging with high grade iron ore (total iron content higher than 55%) basic mining resources, almost all natural iron ore need dressing after processing can be used for charging.

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