you give yourself up and

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you give yourself up and
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you give yourself up and

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Heartbreak and Healing in Five Minutes or Less

Today's post is about something important that affects us all at points in our Broncos Michael Schofield Jersey life Heartbreak. Heartbreak can have many causes, such as loss of a loved one or family member or rejection by a partner, but in either case, it is a very important emotion that not everyone handles the same way.Think for a moment about what broke your heart when you were little. Did your parents or other caregivers ignore your feelings? Did they shame or blame you? Be invasive with you? Did they use any form of physical or sexual abuse? Were your parents or caregivers there for you? Or were they often the cause of your heartbreak?How did you manage these feelings when you were little? Did you dissociate from your body numbing out with food, tv, or other substance or activity? Did you give yourself up and become a very good boy or girl? Think about what you did to avoid the painful feelings of heartbreak and loneliness.Are you still managing these feelings this way? They are now the cause of your anxiety and depression and loneliness because they are all forms of self abandonment. You HAD to avoid these feelings as a child, but avoiding them now is causing you even more pain.I want to close with a question What is your major form of protection or addiction against feeling your current heartbreak? Let us know in the comments below

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