Crusher industry is in a crucial ore milling equipment period
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ore milling equipment
Although the scale of China's construction machinery industry output value ranks first in the world, the added value of the industry is relatively low. There is a large gap between our country and the foreign country. Especially after 2011, with the increasing significantly globalized division of labor and the impact of the economic crisis, the competition in the crusher manufacturing industry becomes more and more intense. A lot of crusher enterprises have entered a difficult situation with the ore milling equipment. The ore milling equipment and upgrading in China's manufacturing industry is now in a crucial period. On one hand, with the highlights of the technical elements, the role of talents will be more and more obvious. The crusher manufacturing enterprises should increase the technology investment and research and development efforts to provide good research and development environment for the talents so that they are willing to contribute the intelligence in order to realize their own value. On the other hand, the ore milling equipment from the manufacturing industry to the service manufacturing should be started from the initial design of the domestic industry to extend the added value to research and development, design, experimental, management and other sectors in order to increase the value of the manufactured products and extend the industrial chain. The crusher machine manufacturers can improve the overall complete solution with reference to foreign business experience. According to the relevant data, the machinery Industry increases of 8.6%in the first nine months with the year-on-year growth, which is lower than the national industry average growth rate of 1.3 percent. The machinery industry has dropped to the 10th among the 12 industries according to the added value and the growth rate, which has led to the too much investment on the manufacturing industry in short time. The production enterprises blindly expand the production capacity which has led to a situation of excess capacity. Therefore, the crusher industry needs to have a ore milling equipment from the design and production to the sale link and other links to ensure that the mining machinery has enough share development in the market. In addition, the crusher enterprises should grasp the favorable opportunity of the ore milling equipment of the global industry to have a place in the field of high-end manufacturing industry and embedded themselves in the global industrial chain. The enterprises should also make full use of the adjustment opportunities tore-change the business strategies to lay the foundation for the future round of competition.
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