Key Technical Analysis of Mobile Building Waste Disintegrator
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Key Technical Analysis of Mobile Building Waste Disintegrator
Mobile construction waste crusher key technical analysis: (1) noise reduction vibration reduction technology The device vibrates under pressure during operation. Unbalanced vibration of the crusher rotor and the inhomogeneity of the crushed material are the main sources of stochastic excitation force. Periodic vibrations of the exciter in the device generate periodic excitation forces. These unusual vibrations will not only induce resonance of the device, damage the device, reduce the service life of the device, but also generate noise and pollute the environment. (2) Divide the module In order to modular design of the device, you need to divide the module. There are many ways to divide modules, usually based on functional analysis, the more reasonable choice of modules. The method first analyzes the function of the product, analyzes the overall function of the device, formulates some basic function units, and then resets the module according to the correlation of related function units. The measure of the degree of functional units and the degree of decomposition of the total function of the product is a key issue in the module division, which is the basis for the reconstruction of equipment. After modularizing the equipment, the functional requirements that satisfy the customer's individual needs groups and equipment should be assessed.
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