Ultrafine Mill Equipment Plays an Important Role in Highway Construction
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ultrafine mill
Large stone materials mined from the mines can be crushed by single-stage tertiary crusher for once and this crusher replaces traditional two-stage and three-stage ultrafine mill system, simplifies the ultrafine mill process and saves the investment. The follow-up operational cost is low, and in addition, the maintenance work is little and the final products are fine and even and the discharging granularity can be adjusted in the ranges of 5-40mm. Traditional jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher all have restrictions on the feeding and discharging granularity of the materials to be crushed and the main problems are that the output is low, working efficiency is low and the follow-up maintenance work is high; wear-resisting spiral sand washer has short service life, high investment, complicated technology and big coverage size. Sing-stage tertiary crusher is a new generation product researched and upgraded by integrating with all the advantages of traditional crushers and it is the best choice for processing large limestone materials.
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