Enormous Opportunities in the Grinding Machine

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With the continuous develop of national industrialization, the energy industry, transportation industry, raw materials industry and other industries get the quick develop. Coal and iron ore are the basic materials for the national construction project. The product process of these materials needs the help of the grinding machine. SHR machinery sees the enormous opportunity in the grinding machine. Grinding machine is the main equipment to the metallurgy industry granite crushed stone crusher, chemical industry, coal industry and mine industry. The normal operation of the grinding process has great influence on the production efficiency of the grinding machine. In order to find the factors that influence the production efficiency of the grinding machine and take useful methods to improve the working efficiency of the grinding machine, it is necessary to have a theoretical analysis on the grinding process. Most of the grinding operation is in the cylinder which has a lot of grinding media. With the continuous whirl of the cylinder, the grinding media will be bringing to the certain height and then fall down by its weight. Then the wallop will be generated to crush the material. At the same time, the grinding media in the cylinder along the cylinder axis do the revolution and rotation. The contact area between the grinding media and the cylinder will generate the pressing and grinding forces and the ore will be milled. Grinding machine is the most exported machine in Henan SHR. The success of the grinding machine will give more confidence to the manufacturer of mining machine. It also will bring new technology and huge wealth to the foreign customer and enhance the position of SHR in the domestic crushing market.

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