Rotary Screen, Rotary Sieve and Gravel Screen

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The rotary screen , rotary sieve and gravel screen are classificationequipments for dressing plant. They are mainly composed of the exciter, mashdistributor screen frame, bracket, hanging spring, screen mat and othercomponents. The rotary screen mobile crusher, rotary sieve and gravel screen produced byHenan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has obvious advantages of highefficiency, small amplitude and high separated frequency. Their workingprinciple is different from ordinary screening equipments. Because of the highfrequency, on the one hand, these equipment can destroy the tension of the mashsurface and make the fine material vibrate with a high speed on the screensurface jaw crusher machine, to increase the separation effect of the useful minerals with highdensity and improve the probability of smaller granularity contacting with sievepore. The screening principle: the width of the screen surface grate seam isdifferent and the particle size of the material is also different. According toabove two points, the equipment separates the material. In the grinding circuit,the high frequency orescreen controls the grinding equipment to do the classification. First ofall, screen out of the coarse grain and send them back to the grindingequipment. Then, the fine grain material, that is the screening material, willbe discharged timely, to avoid the over crushing caused by the regrinding. Inaddition, the screening material can meet the requirement of fineness, which canimprove the mill production, reduce the energy consumption, and increase thebenefits.

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