Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of common quarry crusher

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Ball mill and a variety of other quarry crusher comparison has the following advantages: (1) has the advantages of simple structure; 2) operation is more reliable, occasionally fall when the metal is safe; (3) be good mixing effect of the ground material; 4. Get to the fineness of grinding, can grind all kinds of hardness of the material. The disadvantages of ball mill: electrical energy consumption; 2 dimensions, body is very heavy; third, large starting torque, work noise; ground water rate and the material with larger, especially turn the soil material when the material is easy to slay attached in ball mill, so the moisture content of the material rate is generally less than 3%. Cage quarry crusher is widely used in brick and tile factory. The reason is that the efficiency of the cage quarry crusher is high, and the fine powder particles (<=0.2mm) are high, which is beneficial to the brick forming. Maintenance is relatively large, but the failure rate is low, the water content of raw materials is not strict, generally within 12% will not affect the efficiency of fragmentation. Cage type crushing machine is suitable for crushing of soft brittle materials, such as industrial slag, dry Bo soil, shale, anthracite Bang stone, not suitable for crushing hard material. Also cage broken machine but also to on the edge of various raw materials doped with mixed edge broken, such as shale fly ash, industrial slag mixed with coal gangue, drilling soil mixed with fly ash, can achieve very good results. The roller crushing ratio general 3--15, material granularity can not great, the general should not exceed 25 m, available in the production line of medium crushing and fine crushing, if the raw material is medium hardness or soft cat material is the roller machine is suitable, such as coal gangue, shale, silt, and slay soil, slag and other raw materials are available to roller machine broken. To roll machine is the biggest drawback is the outer surface of the roller is easy to wear, the wear caused by the gap between the two rollers increase, can not guarantee that the aggregate size requirements, use often measured clearance and maintenance. In general, the molten night and grinding. At present, foreign advanced roller roller sheath of the special wear-resistant material production, the wear life is several times the ordinary materials, greatly improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the roller machine, our country hasn't been solved, in this direction. Wheel grinding machine is divided into wet and dry type two kinds, dry grinding wheel grinding machine requirements are broken raw material moisture content, generally around 6%, so rarely used. Wheel grinding machine has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, easy replacement of the worn parts, suitable for grinding various size of hard materials and ensure the grinding particle size. Wet wheel grinding machine in a brick factory is mainly used for the raw material grinding Lianzeng plastic, in order to facilitate the next step extrusion molding, especially high content fly ash brick, must use wheel grinding machine to ensure the molding material. The disadvantage of wheel mill is that it is of great weight and is not easy to transport and install.

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