Fine grinding and ultrafine grinding of the power consumption law

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The above-mentioned area theory, volume theory and fracture theory were proposed before the 1950s, surface grinding (grinding grain size 200-1000 mesh) and ultra-fine grinding (grinding grain size below) is 70 years later Appears, so the three power theory put forward can not consider the grinding mill and ultra-fine grinding of the power consumption. In front of the study of Hooke has been confirmed in the fine size of the grinding and ultrafine mill, that is, the use of area theory is not suited to calculate the error is too large. Therefore, must be in the three existing power theory and then in-depth look for fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding of the power consumption. The current mining project, the ore material crushing method is basically a mechanical crushing method dominated. Because the broken material has the following characteristics: (1) the tonnage is huge. Even a small concentrator, every day to break hundreds of tons of ore material, the election plant every day to break a few tons to tens of thousands of tons of ore. Which requires grinding equipment production capacity; (2) mineral hardness, wear and tear on the grinding equipment serious, which requires grinding equipment should be rugged and reliable; (3) high energy consumption, high material consumption, and the treatment of ore is cheap ore material, therefore. Broken cost is almost a decisive factor in the choice of crushing methods, and the fragmentation of low crushing methods is viable. The reason why the mechanical crushing method dominates because of its low cost. Although the mechanical crushing method has the disadvantages of high energy consumption, high material consumption and poor product characteristics, it can meet the requirements of the ore material for crushing. Present and future will remain the main method of broken ore.

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