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Its reported that most cities choose very casually the places to pile up tons of domestic and industrial wastes especially the construction waste crusher, which will leave much potential safety hazard for the society development. On the one hand, most construction units prefer to stack their wastes directly on the construction field considering its convenience and little cost. In addition, the failure of arranging proper protective measures on the construction site causes the wastes heap to collapse, resulting in the road hindering and building crashing problems. On the other hand, construction waste crusher are thrown to the pond and canal in the suburbs, which weakens the water regulation and storage capacity as well as the surface drainage and flood carrying capacity. Our company takes years to do research and development on the machines to handle construction waste crusher and has created the mobile construction waste crusher made up of crusher, screener, frame and sand washer. Compared with the traditional fixed crushing station, this new equipment is just like a mobile medium and small scale processing plant with features of advanced design, reasonable functions, good performance, simple operation, high production efficiency, stable processing and low operation cost. By using the mobile construction waste crusher, customers and companies can realize the recycling, reduction and harmlessness of the building wastes and achieve goals of economic benefit, social benefit, ecological benefit and low carbon economy. Better city and better life. The construction waste crusher are not at all trashes that have no use in later life. They are just the resources which are put to the wrong place. The nation has started to pay attention to the reuse and recycling of these construction waste crusher and put this issue on table among so many solid waste disposal handling problems. We believe that our mobile construction waste crushing station will surely bring you new and surprising solution.

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