China crusher technology development is slow due to the lack of innovation

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After the founding of the people only pay attention to the rapid growth of the economy, the excessive development has caused irreversible damage to the environment, and the broken machine industry in order to provide equipment to the market Everfount, rarely in the innovation efforts, resulting in China quarry crusher technology development is very slow. Since 2009, the government began to mining industry increased the intensity of rectification, the quarry workers, not only to raise the level of safety, environment and so on, but also pay attention to product quality, productivity and efficiency, to guide the mine management toward large-scale, modern production mode. 2013 is the implementation of the twelfth five year plan an important year, coupled with the impact of international economic environment, China has promulgated a series of policies and measures to boost domestic demand, maintaining steady and rapid economic development. The infrastructure construction of the primary task, resulting in a large number of construction waste in the infrastructure construction in the process of. At present, China's construction waste has accounted for the total city garbage 35%, calculated in accordance with 550 tons million square meters of standard, by 2020 China will be the new construction area of about 30000000000 square meters, broken machinery recycling process will play an important role in the construction waste. As countries continue to expand domestic demand, increase the pace of infrastructure construction, industry usher in new opportunities for the development of quarry crusher. Especially in the western region development planning and post disaster reconstruction will lead to a large demand for crushing machine, driven by the crushing machinery industry is booming. At the same time, also put forward higher requirements to the crusher industries, speed up scientific and technological innovation, improve the technological content of products and value-added, to fight for the future market. The future of crusher industry will toward efficient, low carbon, energy saving and other advantages. Crusher innovation itself is a kind of culture, especially when the independent innovation has become the main force of an industry, the development of the industry will have a constant power. Adhere to the road of independent innovation, China's enterprises are constantly trying to crusher, build confidence for the industry, to promote industrial development.

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