Solutions to the severe noise pollution of the gold ore crusher

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Controlling the noise on the route of transmission is an indispensable part in the noise control field. The most direct, effective, economic method for the gold ore crushers noise control is to reduce the voice from the sound source: control the noise from the very start of the sound source. Therefore, we can see that the development tendency of the gold ore crushers noise control is to directly low down the noise produced by the sound source itself. First of all, we start from the route of transmission to take a control, the control and implementation of the gold ore crusher a part of the ore beneficiation is to develop fixed acoustic enclosure or assembling acoustic enclosure. SBM a gold ore crusher manufacturer, mainly produce: gold ore crusher, gold ore crusher equipment, cement gold ore crusher etc. Secondly, to begin with the sound source and think about how to reduce the noise, one way is to conduct vibration damping and sound insulation disposition around the barrel; the other is to lay down an elastic buffer between the inner side of the barrel and the lining and adopt the floating lining technique. As a type of heavy-duty equipment, gold ore crusher will always make lots of noise when it is put to work. That is the stuff which is constantly annoying us. Another frustrating matter is the intensity of the noise resulted from its intensive character. We are going to improve the machine directing at the noise problem.

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