A flat spring pressure type vertical roller mill is introduced

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Loesche mill (LM type vertical roller mill) Phi 1600 / 1380 flat spring pressure type vertical roller mill Germany Loesche, Japan Ube, U. S. Fowler company production of vertical roller mill and Chinese TRM type vertical roller mill are belong to this type. The technical performance of the TRM series vertical roller mill to exert pressure for different materials and can be divided into two, a is flat spring pressure type vertical roller mill. It is mainly used for small mill or soft material. The other is a flat plate hydraulic vertical roller mill, mainly used in large and medium-sized grinding and medium hardness of the above material. Engineering will be called flat grinding Loesche mill. A flat plate spring type pressure vertical roller mill it is rotating disc, grinding and subjected to the action of the spring, pressed on the flat, but due to friction effect of the grinding roller around the shaft for rotation outside, it does not along the geometric center of the machine as any rotary motion, the material is in the disc and grinding roller by the combined effect of crushing and grinding and grinding. Phi 1600 / 1380 a domestic flat spring pressure type vertical roller mill structure map. Drive disc rotation, a spring device for grinding roller pressed on the grinding table. In the wind around the ring disc set, composed of 300 inclined blade. By lap beneath the hot wind duct into the airflow and the horizontal direction into 30o angle rotation to, airflow in the air ring throat speed up to 50m / s, effectively prevented the whereabouts of coal particles. In normal circumstances, mill can be thrown out of a small amount of iron and hard rocks. These impurities are collected in four cinder box, regular cleaning. Material layer retaining ring is the determination of the disc in the material layer height, grinding, thickness of coal seam with the type and nature of the material and not the same, such as hard material layer should thin and soft material layer can be thicker. Grinding roll consists of a roll sleeve and the roll body, roll sleeve through a connecting bolt fixed on the roller body, mounted on top of the rocker arm adjusting screw. It can be used to change the grinding roller and the millstone gap, the gap should be adjustment in about 3 ~ 5 mm, due to no-load, grinding parts are not in contact with each other, so mill start-up and load characteristic is very good, start time is short, small no-load current. When the mill run for a certain period of time, due to grinding roller and grinding disc wear caused by material layer is increased, the production capacity is reduced, this time by adjusting the adjusting screw. Composed of 24 leaves umbrella rotor rotary separator speed can be adjusted by electromagnetic speed regulating asynchronous motor, the fineness of materials changed in order to meet the requirements of different materials.

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