Analysis of ore milling equipment ore sorting and its post-processing equipment

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There are large types of ore and different kinds of sorting method. In general, it is divided into metal ores and non-metallic ore. ore milling equipment rock belongs to non-metallic ores, it has different classifying method, and there are two methods from the perspective of crusher processing: (1) According to the structural characteristics of useful minerals in the ore, it can be divided into crystal mineral apatite and ore milling equipment rock. (2) According to the chemical composition and content of the gangue minerals in the ore, ore milling equipment rock is divided into silica, calcium and silicon calcium. Ore often contain a variety of useful components (such as ore milling equipment rock often contains iron, titanium, vanadium and rare earth elements). To take full advantage of the national mineral resources and meet the needs of economic construction, we must elect and recycle them as much as possible, and rationally use a variety of useful component in the ore. This is called comprehensive utilization. In addition, besides the main useful component, ores often contain harmful impurities that affect the useful components, such as iron and aluminum in ore milling equipment rock, sulfur and phosphorus in the iron ore. These impurities are generally required to be removed before smelting in dressing way. Usually, the most commonly used mineral processing equipment includes flotation, re-election, and magnetic separation equipment. Sometimes the photoelectric dressing method, hand-picked, friction dressing may be also used, which mechanically separate useful minerals from ore without changing the physical and chemical properties of ore itself. In order to deal with ore milling equipment ore that with a variety of useful ingredients or hard to select, we frequently associate various beneficiation methods and separate phosphorus, titanium, iron, vanadium and other minerals in the ore milling equipment rock simultaneously. SBM specializes in manufacturing different kinds of flotation concentrators and ore milling equipments, we are glad to provide best service for customers!

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