Aggregate ore milling equipment

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ore milling equipment

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1. The Preparation Work before ore milling equipment Being Used (1) Check the lubrication of bearing carefully and pay attention to that whether the joint of thrust board has enough lubricating grease. (2) Check carefully that whether all the fasteners are firm. (3) Check the protective device is good or not. If there is insecurity, it should be excluded in time. (4) Check whether there is some ore or other debris in the crushing cavity. If there is some ore or other debris in the crushing cavity, it must be cleaned up. 2. The starting of the mini ore milling equipment (1) The mini ore milling equipment can be started base on the normal situation of equipment and transmission. (2) This mini ore milling equipment only can be started under the no-load situation. (3) After starting, if there is abnormal situation, it is necessary to stop the equipment at once. Only when the reason of abnormal situation is found and the abnormal situation is solved, can the equipment be started again. 3. The maintenance and use of the mini ore milling equipment (1) The feeding can be done after the normal operation of ore milling equipment. (2) The crushing material should be put into the crushing cavity uniformly. Feeding from one side must be avoided, because the sudden load change and sudden unilateral increase will do harm to the equipment. (3) Under the situation of normal operation, the rising temperature of bearing should not exceed and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70?? Otherwise, it is necessary to stop the equipment at once to find the reason and solve it. (4) Before stopping the equipment, the feeding must be stopped at first. And the motor can’t be turned off until all the crushing material is discharged from the crushing cavity completely. 4. The lubrication of ore milling equipment (1) It is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface, which can ensure the normal running of ore milling equipment, at the same time, prolong the service life of ore milling equipment. (2) The lubricating grease used by ore milling equipment should be chosen depending on the use site and the temperature. In general, the Albany grease and the sodium base grease are the common lubricating grease. (3) The lubricating grease which is put into the bearing takes about 50% of the whole space volume, and it should be replaced every three to six months. Pay attention to that when replace the lubricating grease, it is better to clean the raceway of roller bearing with clean gasoline or kerosene. (4) Before starting the ore milling equipment, it is necessary to inject some lubricating grease into the place between the thrust plate and the bearing of thrust plate.

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