Actual operation and wear theory of ore milling equipment

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Ore milling equipments are very versatile, so it has many different names, so people calling it fine crusher is also very precise. Since its inception, SBM Machinery regards the research and manufacturing work of ore milling equipment as one of the most important research and development project, continuous commitment of manpower and material resources expands research and development troop strengths of ore milling equipment. New type ore milling equipment produced by our company ranks top level in China in research, manufacturing and the scientific and technological content, so its favored by domestic and foreign customers. In the future, ore milling equipment will usher in a better prospect relying on its scientific and technological content. The wear theory of ore milling equipment is based on the experimental equipment, devices, and methods of development, because it was difficult to understand nature of ore milling equipment wear without advanced instruments and equipment, which enables new research methodology to emerge, and thus promotes the development of theoretical study on the abrasion of ore milling equipment. The study of the development and progression of wear, study of ore milling equipment in the role of wear process, study the changes of organization structure, as well as advanced equipment for scientific research applications in wear of ore milling equipment, provides a very good condition for better known the essence of ore milling equipment. However, the work is not enough, partly because the study of wear test device itself is long, laborious and expensive job, and the special nature of these devices are particularly pronounced; on the other hand, users are lack of understanding of the significance on the using of new instruments and equipment, and input power is very limited. In recent years, the situation of ore milling equipment began to change in China, more and more laboratory equipment and research methods came into being, and study on abrasive wear failure mechanism is one of them.

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