Gold ore crusher has strong adaptation to the refractory material industry

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In refractory material industry, the milling operation refers to the grinding of block or granular materials into powder. This kind of operation is also widely used in cement, ceramics, mineral processing, building and chemical industries. When compared with crushing equipment, the crushing ratio of gold ore crusher is much greater, which is generally 200 ~ 300, and it can also increase in special circumstances. Refractory material industry usually choose mill, tube mill, roller mill and vibration mill, of which gold ore crusher is the most widely used type. During the following passage, SBM Machinery will show you the application of gold ore crusher in refractory material industry. gold ore crusher is mainly composed of a cylinder and two hollow axle end caps. The cylinder body is loaded with a grinding body, which is also known as grinding medium (steel balls, steel bars, gravel, etc.). When the cylinder is rotating at a certain speed, the grinding medium arranged in the grinding barrel body will be rotating with the cylinder under the centrifugal force and friction. The grinding body will fall down freely after being controlled to a certain height, and then it will impact and smash materials in the cylinder. The ground materials will be discharged from the end cap of hollow shaft. The moving of material is achieved by the continuous pressure to the material generated from the feeding process and the horizontal angle of the cylinder. There are many types of gold ore crusher, all of which have rotary cylinders. Their difference is the grinding body they have loaded, different discharging and transmission ways. SBM Machinery is specialized in the production of gold ore crusher equipment with complete models. Whether you want to purchase ore dressing equipment in mining industry, cement industry or refractory material industry, we can provide suitable gold ore crusher for you, welcome to conduct on-site testing of the machine in our company!

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