Raymond mill lubrication and seal

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Raymond mill grinding chamber of high temperature is a problem for many years. Raymond mill production enterprises as mining machinery, its characteristic is: 1, 2, large load, frequent movement, 3, under impact load. Sebang machine was found, its performance is: the oil seal is not good, frequent, frequent repair. Room temperature grinding. In order to solve the problem of grinding chamber of high temperature, lubrication problems should be solved in Raymond grinding roll, then solve the sealing problem. As long as these two problems are solved, can be smoothly done or easily solved the problems of high temperature of grinding chamber. The state machine to tell you what to do. First, to solve the problem of lubrication, the first step of lubricating oil bought only to solve the problem, it is important to change the idea of using lubrication lubrication method, right, to know the relationship between mechanical equipment and lubrication. To see the country there are still many enterprises still lack the knowledge of lubrication. Therefore, in the management of a plant oil, sometimes big, only one part-time management of equipment lubrication, personnel have not received professional training. In fault processing, more search from the mechanical reasons, rarely found oil, repair, replacement parts that production enterprises have become homely food. In the oil test and monitoring, 80% industrial and mining enterprises without the professional personnel and facilities.

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