Ceramics ultrafine mill realizes high energy efficiency

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After years research and development, our company has put forward a new type of ultrafine mill: ceramics ultrafine mill. The energy-saving ceramics ultrafine mill made by the domestic beneficiation machinery experts of our company adopts the latest grinding technology. Our ceramics ultrafine mill owns many advantages in its structure aspect. It is made of ceramic for its whole body. The ceramics ultrafine mill is a horizontal type and cylinder shaped rotary device made up of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part and transmission part. The small capacity of the ceramics ultrafine mill leads to its application in the small amount of trial and discontinuous production. In concrete, our ceramics ultrafine mills have the following unique features: 1. the ceramics ultrafine mill can work as long as 24 hours with non-stop; 2. it can realize both wet and dry grinding processes; 3. it costs little investment and is more energy saving than the similar products; 4. there are many other features: original structure, simple and safe operation as well as reliable performance. The ceramics ultrafine mill is mainly used for material mixing and grinding considering its products with features of regular granularity. It can do both dry and wet grinding and can choose different lining boards to meet various demands according to different production requirements. The domestic ceramics industry is developing rapidly, especially the building ceramic industry. In order to reduce the energy consumption and improve the land utilization, our company has made strict requirement for the production capacity and energy consumption of the grinding machines, which results in the wide application of the ceramics ultrafine mills.

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